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Help me out with what I did wrong.

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So, last night I ran my CDC a bit, i happened to get a battle on mines, potato team once again, but we pulled a good lead out through the game.
Then the rhm's had their wet dream of a lifetime... tanks rushing in 1 by 1 with spotters for them. It eventually ended with me having to try to scout for arty, but our crusader SP couldn't do much other than miss. I'd like to know, what i can do in the endgame like this, to spot and kill those RHM's. Here is my replay of the match. 4k damage, 2 kills, i needed to carry harder, or better in this case. 


*I realize now i spammed a lot of apcr, it was unintentional, as i didn't notice i had it selected in the first place*
thanks for any critiques.
- _Crackajack_

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You probably could have camped the mid hill and waited for the borsigs to  come out. They had a good game and they wanted to win, and to win they had to come and kill you all. Baiting the borsigs to the Eddy Spaghetti in the JT88 so he could have DPMd them down. The JT who was counting his meatballs was mostly the guy who ruined the game, he had the armour to bounce some of the Borsig shells and the health as well. Secondly, losing that 68 hp when you dropped off the hill was another mistake. That extra HP could have helped you to take 1 shot from a borsig and still survive.

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Agreed, in hindsight i did think camping hill was a better option. And, yes that lost hp was was a bad mistake on my part, i thought i could get off hill safely there. didnt want to take the mid opening because of the borsigs and that vk.  thanks for the advice! appreciate it!

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Understandable. Sometimes, Team McDonalds is way too hard to carry and when you see a small chance of it happening you might start making wrong decisions. Heart starts going like a DNB tracks and, wham, ded. GG anyway

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