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I don't even (replay)

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so uh, Aside from getting blapped by arty twice and perhaps holding back for longer (as a platoon) How else might've I averted this from a draw to a victory? Behold the glory of a base camping Conqueror.

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• You're too afraid of the E-75, despite having superior armor.

• After taking a hit from the enemy SPG, you completely freeze up.

• You have a bad angle on the Conqueror, but still attempt to snipe. It was not possible for a side penetration.

• It's unlikely that your platoon would have been able to defeat the enemy's base defenders; retreating was an option.

• The moment your E-75 died, the match became unwinnable.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think i was swearing in voice comms after getting blapped by arty twice xD

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