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Leo PTA. Diamond in the rough appreciation thread.

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@Ezz  ground the B before the PTA. :feelsbad: 

@MagicalFlyingFox In practice I feel the gun handling is a wash between the PTA, Std. B, and Cent 7/1. And that’s the problem. None of those three can snapshot. But the B gets a clip. The 7/1 gets some useable armour and technically better final accuracy cause it can run vents thanks to its great base view range. The PTA gets nothing it can really leverage. It even has 2 degrees less gun depression. RU meds have better camo along with better everything else...

At least I’m not playing the Type 61 I guess?


Edit: best part is I have an 12% higher WR in the HWK which I'm still grinding.

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The std b i tried to play like the progetto 46, but it just doesn't work because the gun isn't as accurate and has a worse aim time. The differences between the two in terms of gun stats required me to adjust my playstyle quite a bit. 

Comparing it to same tier tanks, it is basically better than a PTA and Type 61, but i never said otherwise. The cent 7/1 has a completely different playstyle so you can't really compare the two. 

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@MagicalFlyingFox yeah I’m just comparing the gun handling of the three. And generally bitching about the PTA’s lack of perks.....

The Pog 46’s gun handling is absurdly good isn’t it. 

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This thing is amazing after the buffs, I'd sworn never to grind the line, but took a chance at it (SEA server On-Track event) and I'm finding it immensely enjoyable. Not as good (overall) as Std B, etc but it's very comfortable and reliable.

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The engine, by the gods, the engine. The accuracy and DPM-buff from the turret is nice, but mobility is something that makes the Leo stand out from it's peers.

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So, the Leo PTA in late 2020. It's awesome, and it's easy to understand why it's one of the tanks of choice of stat padders and try-hards the world over. Since its buffs, the tank is super comfy, with an extremely nice balance of mobility, firepower and view range, while only lacking armour. The lack of armour does hurt you in certain circumstances (arty and HE slingers, especially high tier wheeled bastards with their OP HE rounds), but otherwise the mobility more than makes up for it. The buff to the gun made a huge difference, that higher 420 alpha makes poking feel more worthwhile given that you can't remain exposed and the longer reload helps force you to manage that exposure. The gun handling is pretty nice, not quite best in tier, but you can snap-shot and hit things on the move quite reliably. Penetration is excellent and standard rounds are also more than sufficient for the vast majority of circumstances.

Stock grind, while I didn't do it, is probably pretty painful given you have limited mobility with the stock engine and you of course get that crappy gun that was already mediocre at tier 8 on a tier 9. Knowing that, this is one of the few tanks where I dropped a heap of free-XP from the get-go, unlocking the gun, tracks and engine before grinding the turret. No regrets.

The tank just allows you to consistently perform, and it's great fun to play. My first game was a 5.1k damage (only a first class mastery, it's hard to master with so many great players playing regularly in it), so knew would enjoy it.

60 games to finish the grind (there were some blueprints on the Leo already unlocked), 60% win-rate (pretty much best of my tier 9s, only behind my M46, equal with my Obj.430 and T49 and ahead of all my heavies). 2,320 DPG with 648 average assist - highest in all my tier 9s and on par with some of my tier 10s. It's a lot of fun, easy to recommend.


Decided to get it up to 100 games because OCD and it's actually fun to play - improved slightly to 62% win-rate, so now outright best behind my M46, and marginally improved my DPG to 2,342 and average assist to 654 (my performance was a bit bad over the last 10 games to be honest). Still, these are figures more akin to my performance either in the best heavy tanks (as I perform best in heavies), or tier 10 tanks, so pretty darned good. I also managed a mastery badge, which was a nice surprise (took 1,358 base XP).

Ran Optics, Vstab and Rammer throughout the entire run. Plus I had a pretty potato crew, with only 1-going-on-2 skills, except for the commander with 2-going-on-3 skills. Will be interesting to see how the planned nerfs hit it, as the gun is such a big part about how comfortable the tank is.

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I started playing it on my alt account yesterday. 

First five games fully stock since I didn't want to drop gold - huge mistake.

Now I'm at 2800 DPG after 20 battles. I played it back then the Leo was introduced and boy is it better now. I averaged 2,2k DPG back then.

The 420 alpha is a game changer and so is the insane shell velocity and pen on the gold Round. I think this is even better as a learning tank than my trusty M46 which has close to 1500 battles on it. 

I'm running the classic statspadder 3mark setup - Bond Rammer, Bond Vents, Vstab (don't have enought bonds atm).


Wow this tank is bonkers. 3,4k avg for yesterdays session. Found a bond Vstab. Even though the crew is bad it simply shreds. The gun feels twice as poweful as the M46 patton gun. It's a whole tier of difference.

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