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Struggling to perform better

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I've noticed that for a while I have not been able to play higher than a 2500 WN8 level. I've tried adjusting my game play by playing more aggressive, playing more passive, but nothing is seeming to work. If anything, it feels like my WN8 is dropping. I'm here in hopes that someone can help me take my game play to the next level, any help is appreciated. I mainly play my IS-6, M103, T49 and my Object 140 and T-62A currently.


I will post replay's of my performance soon if anyone would like to look at those




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Here is the deal, good players don't think about what they do like you might think. They just...do things. My theory is you are over complicating things and over analyzing the situation. Honestly, the best tip I can give is:

1. Stop trying so hard.

2. Stop caring about wn8 so much

3. Turn on some trance or whatever.

4. Play


I found that when I was working to improve and hit a zone of no improvement trying to do a bunch of stuff and changing drastically didn't help but made it worse. Eventually, just playing the game made me better.

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I just yoloderp in pref 8s and get purple


I really think that overall stats and having a base in higher level play, to break down bad habits, is something that really helps. Yellows and greens with deep purple recents like Cool_Man and Death_Rattle_Shakes are the exception, not the rule.

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