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Baddy needs toonmates...

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I doubt you'd want to play with a shitlord like me, but I guess theres only one way to find out.

Spam me all your invites.

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Add me if you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I'm in Australia so my normal game time for North Americans is middle of the night tomorrow.

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Add me too! I'm trying to get better, I swear!

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Can I highjack this threat?
Everybody is free to add me, name is hugo__O on the EU Server. I'd like to slowly get some missions done myself but don't need to rush it, winning the game is usually more important to me, so I don't mind just doing what needs to be done to get wins or your missions done.
I play quite ok in mid tiers, less so in high tiers, but I can learn.
Got some great games in scouts recently.

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