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Help me JT - 9.6

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Current stats:



As far as high tiers go, I have mostly only played brawly heavy tanks up to now. Trying to figure out a slow casemate TD is not going well. It's not quick or agile enough to brawl with, if not hull-down it gets torn apart through the LFP, and I don't know where to snipe from on most maps. My other tier 9 stats are decent:



FWIW: I play using Sela's modpack without XVM stats. Knowing everyone's numbers has always been more demoralizing than helpful to me.


Replays since 9.6:

In this one, I learn the UFP is worthless against X's.



Here I learn that the north base ridge is shit for sniping and by the time I move it's already over.



General shitty play I guess, was not arty safe. The E4 has a lot better armor than I thought...



This I just YOLOed the weak side for no good reason.



Finally, by virtue of being the only tier 9, I am able to bully my way to a win. 5 games to get the double for the day. I was not particularly happy.



No idea how to play Westfield in anything that isn't an American heavy. The UFP is still worthless against X's



No arty so I was able to just play around over the mid. Got blessed with a pretty good team. Yay another win.



3 kills is deceptive, I was pretty ineffective in this one. I really need to work on my aim more.



So it turns out that north hill is shit for sniping too. Didn't do much, stupid cliff dive at the end that got me killed.



City got COMPLETELY abandoned. 100%. I camped base as hard as I could and it barely managed to be enough. The OTTER/BULBA toon did most of the heavy lifting I think.



No idea where to snipe from on Redshire. Eventually got pushed and swarmed. Still can't aim...



First game with the top gun, never even got to use it. This was just crap. Set up to snipe but didn't have any shots, as usual. Tried to move in and brawl and just got rekt, 1390 + arty...



Finally put the gun to use. That 352 pen APCR is nice. Spent most of this match with no idea what to do, just sitting around while the enemy team fed themselves to me. In the end it just wasn't enough.


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Thanks. I'll try to learn the back position better. I just feel like back there I tend to be out of the battle until the enemy is already rolling over the front line.

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Thanks. I'll try to learn the back position better. I just feel like back there I tend to be out of the battle until the enemy is already rolling over the front line.

If you can hide the UFP and LFP it's extremely hard to kill but those positions are far and few between matches. I personally play it passively at the start and slowly start pushing and supporting the heavies behind them getting shoots in between.

Every time I'm at the back of that position I don't get spotted but the enemy knows that I'm shooting them already and don't push as hard onto the hill at all. I would say 70% of the time it has worked for me without any hassles.

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Some more replays. I've really been avoiding playing this since I'm so shitty. I guess the JPE isn't really liked in CW, so I may just say fuck it and give up.









A lot of these were wins despite my shitty play. Some help would be nice.

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So far, I've watched the first 4 replays from post #8 of this thread.  What I can say, is that much of your positioning/movement choices are quite dubious, often leading to you getting singled out, shot from behind, or generally facing way too many guns.  In both Ensk replays, you should have strengthened your front line heavies by finding areas to be next to them, but instead you tried to flank solo (which this tank is horrible at) in one game, and in the other, placed yourself in an irrelevant firing lane.  In the Karelia replay, you simply parked too long in the same spot, and weren't decisive enough in changing positions and stubbornly died to an E75 that clearly knew how to hurt you.


On mines, you were clearly lit, and simply parked, instead of doing more to dodge an obvious incoming arty shot.  (Their T92 or what not nailed you for 1k dmg, which is unacceptable that early in a match)



I hated this tank (and still am not much a fan of it), having come up from the t7 Jagd and t8 Jp II, which both have fantastic mobility, but I've learned that the way to play this tank effectively is to understand what it is good at, and what it is not.


What is good about this tank?  It does have some armor in the front (can act as a hull-down front-liner) and it has a gun that packs a respectable wallop with a 9-10 sec reload (which is relatively short reload)


Whereas the t7 and t8 can actually relocate effectively, and stop fast tanks from flanking them, the tier 9 JT cannot.  You must always keep this in mind.  That is the achilles' heel of this tank - its lack of speed and slow turning.  How do you hide this weakness?  Stay amongst your teammates.


On big open maps, like Malinovka, Prohk, etc, you better know the effective sniping spots where you can fire and not be lit, because anytime you are lit, you have tons of problems dodging arty or return fire.  


However, most maps now are much more brawly and favor close quarters, so what I've learned to do is to be a tag-along front liner with the pack of heavies on my team.  Why is this important?  It prevents any chance of me being flanked.  Because I am with the pack, it keeps everything in front of me.  That right there simplifies tons, and makes this tank 10x more potent, cause you're not constantly needing to turn 180 degrees or what not, something this tank is terrible at.


The other thing this adds, is that enemies better respect my gun, or I will rip them to pieces in a matter of a few volleys.  I'm with my armored teammates, and many times I'm making that M103/ST-I/AMX 50-120 or whatever teammate with me just that much more intimidating, because the enemies see that there's a TD covering said heavy RIGHT NEXT to him.  Because of this, you can dictate and control front lines almost all the time - good players know not to force an issue versus a lane being overwatched by multiple guns, shitters just drive/poke in and die to a firing squad.


I'll find several replays and show you how I've made this POS tank work for me.  I'm still probably going to sell it once my grind is over for it, but I'm glad that you brought up this discussion because tanks like these aren't talked about enough.

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Note that on the Himmelsdorf replay, at 13:14 - I elect NOT TO SHOOT the T30, although I could have tried.  Because I know I'm ass slow at backing up, and he'll have a shot on me, I choose to stay unlit.  It's subtle plays like this that save your HP pool for later when you actually need to trade or lead pushes.  Another big key is look at my position from that single square that I sit in, I'm able to (1) get shots on hill, (2) hit targets on the 1-3 lines, and (3) I'm able to impact incoming pushes on tank alley.  All in one little 50 meter square.  You need to find multi-purpose positions like these to keep this tank relevant in fights, else you find yourself sitting in back lines doing nothing or just endlessly driving.


Also note that although I potato it up, horribly missing 3 shots at the end (~7:15 til the end of the replay), because I stayed within firing/view range of my teammates, I still gave my team a chance to win a game that was supposed to be a loss.




On Hidden Village, note how I act as if I'm a heavy tank, right on the front line.  I recognize their lineup and immediately move to G4 rock to start the bullying, AND I know that I won't be flanked, having a heavy (my toonmate) right beside me, and knowing there's one behind me.  Because I preserve my HP and control the front lines, note how later on I'm able to simply push into a KV-4, ISU, AMX AC 48, as if I'm a heavy tank.




On Kharkov, note how I'm in yet another MULTI-PURPOSE position right on the edge of D6-7.  I can spin around and point my gun in about 8 different firing lanes, without needing to drive very far.  Here I'm a small tank,  as this is a Tier 10 match, but again, I'm tucked in with my team, yet on the front line of it's offense, so I can be effective, without needing to worry about (a) being flanked and (b) being aimed at by too many enemy guns.



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Simple replay on Lakeville.  Someone spots, I shoot and stay unlit.  When I get lit, I'm near cover where I can protect myself.




Note how on Windstorm, I position myself next to the castle early-mid game.  This allows me to again, provide fire into multiple zones, yet when a Leopard PTA comes (12:00) and tries to flank me, he simply can't.  The water and castle allow me to block off angles of approach, enabling my teammate to come and assist me.  Yes, I do take some dmg from the T-62A, but it isn't life threatening.  Again, you need to be finding positions where you can slowly probe and assist the team, yet not overextend.




Also one thing that I failed to mention, is that because this tank is so goddamn slow, that should allow you to study the mini-map much more.  You need to anticipate which lanes are going to win/lose, who is trading well, where are flanks likely to approach me.  It's not coincidence that in any of these replays, tanks are simply unable to flank me, yet I can get shots on multiple tanks.

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Ruinberg - I decide right away, I'm going to front-line in the field.  As long as I keep everything in front of my gun, I can deal with it.  If I overextend, overexpose myself, I'm dead.  If I'm in the back, I don't get any dmg.  Again, staying relevant, side by side with front-line teammates, and using cover wisely.





NOTE: I know that so far many of my replays are favorable conditions for my team - I'm platooning, some of them we have the better players, so here are a couple of replays where you can see trouble situations and how I dealt with them.


Sand River Assault - note how at the outset, I'm just sitting in the open taking pot shots.  Sitting literally in the wide open.  How is this possible?  Yet again, learn the spots where you can get away without being lit.  As far as the game, note at 7:00 I'm driving over to assist my toonmate in his E4 on his push.  30 seconds later, he and our other ally are wiped out.  Yikes.  Suddenly, I'm alone in the backfield, on a slope.  What do I do? I patiently wait for my teammates to move up.  I don't turn tail and run, exposing my backside - I point my gun in one of the likely attack points while I wait for the cavalry to arrive.  Note that at this point the game was still up for grabs, 6-5.  If I throw myself away, that's how matches are lost so take note of ALWAYS giving yourself backup/escape options when stuff goes wrong.



Fjords - note how nearly 3 and a half minutes into the game, I still haven't even done a point of damage.  Also, my team is constantly down 3-4 tanks, yet I'm not panicking.  I cannot drive out and just give my tank away.  I have to play to it's strength, which is holding corners and punishing enemies for pushing.  So when the crucial firefight happens at 11:10, it's us two TD's against two autoloaders - T57 heavy and T54E1.  Whoever wins this fight will likely swing the outcome of this match.  Note more potato play by me at the end, getting raped by the T95.  I swear there was a building between me and him :P



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