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Carrying in Lightly armored (and not extremely mobile) vheicles


I was going through the stats on my tanks the other day, and I soon realized something weird

My win rate on heavily armored tanks are around 60%, on lightly armored (but very mobile) tanks is also around 60%, but on tanks that are lightly armored and have rather limited mobility (and is large), the WR is not great

and in this case I want to specifically mention the AMX 50 120


From what I read, this tank is supposed to be a great tank that can carry, and I fully see its potential --> its an autoloader, its mobile, it has respectable burst damage, period.

and I actually felt its potential, too in many of my games, where I snipe/support for the first half and then clean up for second half with my saved up hp pool (kinda like how batchat works)


But somehow I am getting into tier 9 games a lot, and when u read this u might say:" oh! Isn't that a great thing?"

There are a few problems, and disadvantages, I say, in being one of the few top tiers on your team (that is not particularly great)


If I snipe like I do in tier 10 games, on many maps this tank will have a hard time achieving much due to its not great gun handling, 3 second aim time (I even used V stab and GLD together to minimize that problem so its slightly better), 3.33 inter-clip time, and a rather long 34~ seconds reload. But most importantly, in tier 10 games if I do not achieve much at the beginning its still fine because tier 10 players are generally better and tier 10 tanks have a lot more hp so they can duke it out for a little while when I try to sneak a shot or two and monitor the whole situation before finding a gap for me to flank on. In tier 9 game and being a top tier "heavy," the team (as previously mentioned, not particularly good) will just collapse after enemy having 2-3 more tanks pushing on one flank. So sniping in this situation is not super effective in helping the team in early game of tier 9 matches, where a 3 tank lead on one flank will very likely to lead to a 5-7 tank lead on that specific flank.


Also, since this tank does not have super good mobility (even takes a while to get up to 40 on hard surface flat ground), it is hard to get out of trouble like a lorr 40t or batchat or any other mobile tanks. And its large size leading to people just want to shoot this thing, including the infamous SPGs makes things worse.


So after all that trouble, I came to wotlabs' glorious Ask a Purple Poster and hope for an answer to how to manage to make influence in a TIER 9 BATTLE in the AMX 50 120 for its one with potential but getting pulled back by its huge size, mediocre mobility, and lack of armor.



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The 50 120 is always a support tank, no matter the tiering, but the way you support with it depends on the tier. If you are bottom tier, doing what you are already doing works well. Snipe or support your team from longer range where applicable and then move in mid-late game and use your HP to trade 1 shot for 1 tank. 


As top tier you do the same thing, but you have to be more visible so that people know you are in an area. Your presence should hopefully discourage the enemy from doing something too stupid otherwise they should be smacked in the face. Because of the looong intraclip reload you should not always try to dump every shell you have. When I was grinding my 50 120 I used to shoot 1-2 shells into an enemy that had just fired and then pull back and repeat after his next shot and then reload. You really need to try and conserve your health until mid-late game where you can find isolated enemies and clip them. You should of course not be TOO passive, as this will lead to defeats because of your lack of presence. Take a hit if it means one of your other top tier tanks will survive.

Platooning with an E75 or ST-I can make the 50 120 shine as you can work together to destroy enemies. E75 takes/bounces the hit, you hit the enemy with a few shots and then just repeat. Really strong combination.


In regards to mobility: it shouldn't be that much of a difference from the 50 100, so just know/try to read the situation as to when to GTFO and when to stay put and pewpewpew at the enemy. The mobility of the 50 120 still allows it to escape most situations, you just have to start your escape earlier than with a Lorr or BatChat (they can basically escape in the last possible moment). 

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