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Woot! I'm slightly less bad again.


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  1. 1. How was my night?

    • 30/30 - 100% = great night!
    • OLOLOL 2650 barely purple shitlord

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TIL being an apologist entitles you the right to call people shitters. 

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I find it humorous that garbad has to make a poll every new thread he makes so people vote on it and he still feels relevant.


its like a 5 year old crying in the corner until someone comes and wipes the tears away.


needz attentionzzzzzz

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Good golly, our Dark Lord may get in a snit now and again, but he is entertaining and without a doubt one of the best to ever play this game.  Rag on his platooning, then go back and look at his solo challenges.  It will make you feel foolish.

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So I noticed my win rate dropped to 72%, so I did some platooning.


Woooo!  The games were mostly routine -- mostly doubling my 8s and lights.  I got tked twice by butthurt clicker apologists. 



Zeven thinks we stole a win.  What do you think?


I went back and analyzed it and I still think we stole it... =D   Their tier 9's outdamaged ours, 12,192 to 4,438.  Less than four minutes into the game, they were in a position to put cap pressure on our team when they had a health lead and people in reasonable positions to screen (approximately 90 seconds after this point, we win by capping, demonstrating how quickly bad decisions can turn a game).  When we started capping, they still had ~4k health lead.  If their guys in the middle were paying attention and went back towards their cap instead of moving along the F line, they would have been able to kill our meager cap force and forced Garbad (929 health) and I (147 health) to take on their remaining super heavies (E75, IS-8, KV-5 and JT88) and their ~4k health from a pretty bad position (the full health E75 was already almost to our village).




It is still weird to watch myself play the game, but I think it is interesting/useful for you guys to hear what we were talking about in the platoon (not a lot of chatter, but communicate things of importance).

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Let me guess, the aforementioned heavies that didn't cap were blue/green players?  Sec... watching replay.


EDIT:  Yep, didn't even have to watch the replay to know.  That was a textbook example of stealing a win from people too dumb to actually secure it.

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