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[EU] LF a Mentor / Platoonies / Friends

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Hey, guise!




First of all, I'm looking for people to play with. I can play any tier 5+, if you wanna play tier 9/10 then I'll just play my Bulldog.

I can adapt my play style. My main objective has always been to win, I won't keep farming damage if I'll see a lost flank.


If there's anyone who feels like analyzing gameplay/tactics/mistakes then that's the mentoring part I can be happy with. Really motivated to learn and do better, so we can even set mutual goals if you want.


I'll be on wotlabs in-game channel from now on as well. Let me know if you're up for it, send me a message, cya!


Oh and happy St. Patricks day! ;)



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Add me to your friends list and send me an invite if u feel like it, I'm always happy to platoon if I don't have anything else to do ;)


Bene! :D Nice youtube channel, by the way. +1 sub for you ;)


Add me, can go up to tier 8.


Edit: Nevermind, just noticed EU :(


Yup :(


Add me and spam invites whenever I'm online.

I am no teacher but I can always give you some hints whenever I look at your gameplay.


Sounds good! You LAVA guys are cool! Had a brief chat with WarWater today and already platooned up with xmenxmen. :thumbup:

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