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ID this tank?

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Hello WoTlabs,


While staring at the 9.7 Test Server Launcher as it updated my test client, I noticed that it actually had a French tank on it (note that the login screen for WoT almost never has a French tank on it, only the Renault FT IIRC).


It looks a lot like an AMX M4 45, but could it be an AMX M4 1949?


I can't paste the screenshot I took, and from past experience (probably just me) pasting anything on these forums just doesn't work (such as links to imgur)... Halp?

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Upload the image to a 3rd party website.


Right click it, click "Copy Image Location".


Edit your post and click the little picture icon above the text box (it's a tree or something).


Press CTRL V


Click "OK"


Submit post.

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@StephenHawking/GrumpyTurtle: Clicking 'OK' in the screenshot you posted doesn't do anything for me. (If I tried to replicate your instructions with my image). I could click 'OK' until the second French Heavy line is released and it still wouldn't do anything. I am forced to refresh the page, as neither 'OK' or 'Cancel' close the image box... I think it is something to do with my computer/browser settings. Thanks for your help though!


Any other ideas? I tried pasting from Word and the other two paste options. No dice.


@SchintelTruck: 1) Were you in a Jingles vid? 2) Glad you could clear that up for me. Thanks!

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thats the perfectly normal amxm4

it just has a blueprint design overlay on it

its been in the CT for a while now (for as long as Ive gone on the CT servers at least)

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