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LF new toonies to join my usual list

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Hey, looking for some people that would be intersted in tooning. The only thing I really want is a toon mate who is cool headed and laid back, and is ok with joking around.

Here is my stats and the usual people I toon with who you'd most likely meet if you join me in these toons:




Well that all I have to say, lemme know if anyone is intersted in stronk toons

Most of the time we play we play 10's as well, unless you you would like to grind so stuff or play pref 8's.

10's I own- 62a, 140, Leo, Bat, e5, E50m

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Do you own an IS7?

I love blue IS7 drivers

I do not, Sorry (very stronk but to stronk for me :P) but the other two do.

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will you platoon with a scrub like me? :3

of course, of course


I shall F you as well if you wish

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