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NextGenTankers is recruiting!

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Hey everyone, NGT is looking for tankers who want a laid back clan with a competitive edge. We have only started a few days ago, however once we are up and running we are looking to make moves on the global map so we are looking for experienced callers and players in order to make that happen. 


We are looking to create a team of guys that we can have some fun with, as well as win some games, because really that's why we're all here right? 


We are looking for quality players, this means that we take stats into consideration; however everyone gets a chance to prove themselves on the battlefield. If interested in joining, message me, SonofaCrotch or Numchucksandwitch or check out our clan page  http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000020347/        See you guys out there!  :tank2:

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