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Some question about a replay [8.6]

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Hi guys.

Some days i ago i saw this replay from the NA-Server:



Now i have some questions about that:

a) How does he manage not to get spotted?

I know he shoots the most enemys when they are double-bushed and has camo painting+ camo crew skill, but driving over the open field at the start of the match and firing all the times should reveal him. Atleast the Superpershing in their base should spot him if he is firing all the time from <400 meters oO


b) was this some high-risk-high-reward gameplay because he could not know if any of the enemys scouts actualy scout the field or take the spot at F7, or do the people on the NA server don't do such things >_>?


Asking because whenever i try something like this with any of my scouts its 50/50 if i get spotted, and i'm talking about getting to the bush trough the swamp, and not over the open field.

And even with my WZ-131 (Camocrew+camonet+painting), if i shoot from this position, someone at the hill or in the base will spot me...


So it is either

a) total luck

b) americans play crazy and all have 50% crews (apart from unicums)

c) there is something that i'm missing?


Thanks in advance :P



P.S: I'm also really surprised how many tanks he can spot there. In my WZ-131 (no view-range skills or optics, but binocs which should give more range than optics+skills) i don't even manage to spot half as much tanks leaving the base >_>

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