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New(ish)caller looking too get better

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If there is any interest in helping me ill keep all my SH replays, and if you want/need too talk in a ts im more then willing too use the wotlabs teamspeak(if it is okay) or my own.... or hell even yours.


I would like people too point out where i failed as a caller in this, and i tried too ask mahou but they haven't responded. They responded and helped immensely, thank you for the insight.






Disclaimer, That isnt my cromwell crew i am using it in pubs too make a crew for the centurion 1 after i finish the female crew out for the 7/1

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This forum actually has rather little related to calling,

Might be worth checking out


I noticed this as well. Most of the time i search around a bit before i make a thread, generally someone else has asked the question in a far better way then i would have. There is an absurd amount of information on this forums.

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Capitalize on the hellcats, Looks like you played with 2 guns short the entire game, as soon as you spotted their entire team you should of moved the hellcats, or Once you had your team between their cap and and them you should of sent the Kittlys to cap, their camo should of neutralized their view-range advantage, and you could of inflicted some heavier damage to them as they rushed to reset. Though what do I know, I'm no caller, Good job drawing on a better team.

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I got in contact with hellfish and his advice works very well in practice, jumped from a 60% w/r calling SH too a 66% w/r not great but it is a start. Id still like other advice, and thank you for the resources.

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