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Apparently I'm cool enough for this now   \Keppo.png/


Here I shall put my replays, when I remember to.  Please also use this thread as a Q and A if you've ever wanted to ask me things like why apple pie is the best, how to get all the girls as a 4000lb marine mammal, or maybe even tanks related stuff once in a while.




Why are you so bad at tanks?   Because keyboards are not designed with flippers in mind.


How do you play tanks with flippers?  Badly


Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?  Leanna Decker <3


What is the best medium?  Object 140

What is the best tank in the game?  Leopard 1 :kitty:

How do I IS-7?




Hulldown, sidescrape, shoot enough APCR to flood yurop with tears, and hug people with your face.  Here's some 9.6 replays, I was at 98% MoE after this. Games shown are with the above setup, although I changed to more APCR a few games in.  








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Lots of people have been asking about Swamp lately, so our lord and savior Leo1 is here to guide you all to victory.




Step 1: Don't cross the bridge, stay on your side.


Step 2: Kill the enemies that didn't follow step 1.


Step 3: Snipe across mid to clear the enemy ridge.


Step 4: Cross mid to the enemy ridge, since you've either killed or dissuaded their ridge snipers.


Step 5: Peekaboom


Step 6: Farm cleanup damage


Step 7: Since Leo1 is best meatshield, go facetank the german boxes so Killertiger can continue to farm at full hp.  Die for the glory of said Killertiger.

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Tnx to watching D_W drive his IS-7 on Westfield I managed to do 3k damage with my little t-44 from the exact same spot he started off from.
Admittedly we lost tnx to a tomato team but ~9k WN8 over 2 matches with that little bastard tank- for a potato like me that feels like.. :P

Also marvellous play on Mines boss, keep the clips coming pls :thumbup: 

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I couldn't imagine doing it without food and generous APCR. That gun is poor enough as is.

I got my 3rd mark in it and didnt actually loose very much money (assuming I didnt miss/bounce)

defiantly worth it (has apcr really only been 303 pen on it? it seemed like it would be more)



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