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Burdened Charioteer Guide: The only good tank in a line

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Charioteer: The only good tank in a line

This is a short guide on the Charioteer setup and basic positioning




Equipment, Consumables, Ammo, and Crew Skills



For your Charioteer you have 1 Necessary piece of equipment and two pieces you can swap out depending on how you want to play



Binocs - Optional

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive - Necessary

Coated optics - Optional

Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer - Optional

Improved Vents Class 2 - Optional



I run with Binocs, a rammer, and EGLD typically a nice mix with good reload and slightly worse gun handling. When I was going for my third MOE I ran with Binocs, EGLD, and Vents for the best boost to accuracy to make every shot count.. When I play strongholds or in platoons I run a Rammer, Vents, and EGLD for max dpm.






Large Repairs (Small if poor) - Necessary 

Large Medkit - Necessary

Pudding and Tea- Optional

Automatic Fire Extinguisher - Optional


I personally run a Large rep kit Large medkit and Tea. This tank is extremely prone to module damage so the bonus of the Medkit protecting your crew is amazing and the Bonus track repair speed is also extremely Important to get you back to safety as fast as possible. Tea you can swap with a FE but with the gun handling I strongly recommend running Tea.





25 Shells of APCR

5 Shells of PREMIUM HESH

0 shells of poor man HESH


This tank really don't hold a lot of shells so 25 shells APCR is really needed. 5 shells HESH is basically for t8 and lower games to get you more damage per shot so you can keep your mark % or DPG high. Your APCR has 268 pen so you can easily frontally pen every tank you fight. Only Maus/E100 at a distance are a hard target to pen. Your Prem HESH has 210mm of Pen so you can use it to bully T8s and lower with ease from the front and get high damage shots on the asses of t10s.



Crew Skills:

Hopefully by the time you reach the Charioteer you have at least 2 crew skills+


First skill - Sixth Sense, Snap shot, Smooth Ride, Safe Stowage

Second Skill - Camo

Third Skill - BIA or Repairs

Fourth Skill - BIA or Repairs (or be like me and ignore repairs for other skills)

Fifth skill + - Can be whatever you have left


I already had a 3/4 skill crew to put into my Charioteer and I deemed repairs not needed with how I play the it so I opted to take offroad driving, Recon, Situational Awareness, and repairs as my fourth skills



Early positioning, When to run, Camo, What ammo to use



THIS TANK IS NOT NOOB FRIENDLY. You need to understand how to double bush, where you can safely get 1 shot off from a bad position, when you can safely switch to HESH and how to aim it, and you need to understand when to GTFO early.



With early positioning you can absolutely go into a city or a corner for a single shot as long as you can safely reverse into cover instantly after you click or get lit. Typically on maps like Ensk and Ruinberg you can get early damage like this and then either flex into a better position or push with your team taking shots ONLY after the enemy shoots your teammate and not you. 


Double bushing is when you have two sets of bushes between you and the enemy so you can fire without being spotted. You can use your binocs to your advantage in this situation. Sit in the bush closer to you and just close enough to spot through the second bush and then reverse far enough behind the first bushes so they are not transparent and you can fire without being spotted. You need to be careful though because some bushes have altered camo values and are basically useless. Looking at you Prohk hill bushes.


Switch to HESH if you're top tier. You can frontally pen basically every t8 with HESH. The exception being KV4s and T28s basically. While you can still pen those two with HESH from the front it's a lot easier with APCR. Also if you manage to get around a t10 that isn't a maus/e100 (very strong rear armor) you can load a HESH in their bum for up to 600(!) damage and possibly a lot of module damage.


Knowing when the run is probably the hardest thing to do though. You need to recognize if your section is failing against the enemy and leave early. You have the speed to get out early but you're not durable to take hits while running away. If you're iffy on a flank falling then move halfway back and find a rock and bush to hang out behind so you can still support your flank without fully running away but once it becomes clear your flank is going to lose then fall back to either the rest of your team or a highly defensible location (an example being ruinberg North spawn buildings where you have lots of camo and hard cover.)




I'm planning on doing a video on E100 strats and Charioteer strats but I've been putting them off for a while because I'm not very good at editing videos. So if you want strats come to my stream and just ask questions for specific maps/situations you find yourself needing help in.

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Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer - Optional



Just out of curiosity, how do you justify gimping yourself on raw damage dealing capability?


Other than that though, nice review! I'm glad to see a review that doesn't just summarize what I can find out on my own in Tank Inspector!

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Just out of curiosity, how do you justify gimping yourself on raw damage dealing capability?


Other than that though, nice review! I'm glad to see a review that doesn't just summarize what I can find out on my own in Tank Inspector!


Accuracy. The aimtime feels glacial and I don't put myself in a lot of situations where I need to extra .8s reload. Sure it can even out but I feel like hitting every shot I put out vs hitting every other shot. This is the only tank I've ever run without a rammer in a serious manner. 




Why no love for the tier 9? It has better elevation/depression and overall better soft stats doesn't it?


It's massive compared to the Charioteer, slower, sill has no elevation and depression. Also at t9 you see t10s more often than not. With 1400 or whatever hp it has it's a joke. A 183 can high roll 1 shot you with AP I think. at tier 9. 

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The only good tank in a line? What about the sherman firefly with its tier VII heavy gun? (granted, a british tier VII heavy gun and the TOG has it too at tier VI)


Tank shouldn't even be considered being in that line. It's a medium and doesn't play anything like the Challenger/Charioteer/Conway.

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