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Just in case anyone out there plays tabletop with mutants and masterminds, icon, or any other super hero system:




It's my understanding the book is system neutral, so you can convert it to any system you like. I don't play any of these systems, but Jason Tondro is a friend of mine and I play Ars Magica and 5th Edition DnD with him playtesting his module he's writing for that. Jason is probably one of the funnest players/gm's I've ever played with.


Jason's roots are pretty deep in the comics and tabletop communities. Come on, his doctorate thesis was on comic connections to medieval and rennaisance literature so you know he's a gamers geek.


I figured I'd throw this link in here for any tabletop people to check out and see if they want to fund. The illustrated pdf is $10 through the kickstarter and the unillustrated version is only $1 if I read it right.


If you have the money, throwing 150 at it for a session with Jason is worth it. If someone could GM professionally for a living, he'd be it.


You can read his blog here (when he's keeping up with it):




and catch him in podcasts with other game designers from time to time at:



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F*** dude.  Really.  Still with that avatar.




I don't like you. Or the horse you rode in on. That's completely why I keep this avatar. Be less of an @55hole to people and maybe they won't go out of their way to antagonize you.

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