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[EU] Orphaned yellow scrub needs a new mentor

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Waterwar has quit the metoring trade, leaving me without a mentor. I found having a mentor helped me alot (I know how to sidescrape now lol) and thus I hope to find a new one.


I am:

3.3k games 700 wn8 47.5% WR scrub, improving at a relatively slow but steady pace.


What I currently play:

Chinese heavies 110, WZ-111 and IS-2

American little bastard the M41 Walker Bulldoge

The British landship TOG II*

Made in China Type T-34 to go to the Chinese lights


What I seek to improve:

- I am overly agressive, this can be good but sometimes I just get killed with 0 damage because of it

- Tunnelvisioning, this still happens too much

- Map knowledge, I have a low knowledge of good spots, and the positions I learned from Waterwar made me win games


I am willing to give some compensation in gold for the time!

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