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[NA] [ROXY] Is Recruiting!

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About Us:

ROXY was initially founded as a Tournament clan, and while we still hold true to our roots and participate in regular tournaments, we have shifted to a heavy focus on Clan Wars. We are are the English speaking subdivision of CHAI, but our map movements are largely independent. 4KE9tzj.png


Recruiting Standards:

We are currently looking for tankers who

  • have 1700+ overall or 2200+ recent WN8
  • have 4+ competitive T10's
  • are available 3-4 nights a week

Tier 10 stats will be heavily considered when evaluating potential candidates, as well as teamwork/game sense in pubs.



We are also looking for dedicated callers with a decent background as a Field Commander/Combat Officer who are available more than 4 nights a week. Potential callers will be invited to call battles during Strongholds, and evaluated from there.


If interested, contact me, a_canuck, here, in game, or find me on the CHAI teamspeak server at ts.cgchai.com

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In all seriousness, ROXY started when a group of guys (Angel_Eyes, Bolcke, Asyranok, Praedator and a few others) Wanted to just have a casual clan. Some how ROXY contacted HoHo about the idea of being part of CHAI. Later on once I was named chief care taker and master sock puppet I spoke to Carbon and asked him for help to recruit.


 He created our first recruiting thread and made a bold prediction (I think we had 45 members at the time) That we would get Obj907s. We weren't even a CW Clan then.

   But with CHAI and BULBA's help with calling, training and cleaning up our messes we are a solid clan that is very active and have not destroyed the CHAI community yet....


  And as for Carbon's prediction;  We delivered 38 Obj907s. Our goal was 30 at the start of the campaign. ( We even beat -G- twice and BULBA once.) :D

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