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We are the British Armoured Division consisting of five clans  BAD-V, BAD-E, BAD-1, BAD-S and BAD-A. We are dedicated to being a friendly and competitive clan based in the UK and as such are a well respected in the WOT community. 
We are currently looking to recruit new players to our competitive Clan BAD-V
Within BAD-V clan wars is played on a regular basis at a competitive level, with us frequently taking and holding onto land. Likewise we are seriously developing strongholds aswell as ESL participation and are only looking for players capable of getting involved in one or more of these aspects.
Aside from the competitive aspect of this clan there is great comradeship with a very active TS channel and the opportunity for platooning and team play always present.
What we aim to offer our members:
- First and foremost a friendly environment in which to enjoy tanks
- Active Teamspeak with the rest of the BAD community and the ability to play both within BAD-V and with all other BAD clans.
- Platooning for grinding new lines and getting used to how other clan members play
- Serious Stronghold battles
- Competitive Clan Wars Battles under experienced Field Commanders
- ESL with experienced players and teams alike 
 As a result of the competitive nature of BAD-V and the rigours of playing at a high level, the entry requirements are quite strict and are currently set at:
Entry Requirements:
- WN8 Rating 1400+, last 1000 battles 1500+
- Necessity  to use TS3 when in game
- 3 x TIER 10 Tanks, preferably clan wars tanks
- 18yrs+ or mature if younger
- Active participation in Clan Wars, Strongholds and/or ESL 
- Loyalty and Honesty     
Does this sounds like a community that fits your needs and play-style? Would you be interested in joining? If so message me or any of our other recruiters in game or jump on TS for a chat: 
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Good players that are good fun to play alongside, involved in plenty of competitive play as well so you're not just stuck in random matches  :thumbup:


Played with quite a lot of the guys while being in other clans before so it'll always be good fun.

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My stats aren't up to the task of BAD-V but I may well go for one of the other clans if they're as nice as all that :)

They indeed are. I did not meet a single unpleasant person since I joined 22 days ago. WoT is much more fun as part of this community. Solo gets old after a while.

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We only ask that you get involved in one aspect of teamplay, be it clan wars, ESL or Strongholds (of course you can do all three if you desire).


So long as your interested in playing strongholds then there would be no issues and we'd welcome you in :), theres alot more to the clan than just CW or ESL ;)



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Current Average WN8 +1785

Requiring skilled friendly players wanting to be in an active team play clan

CW's - Strongholds - ESL


Teamspeak 3 Address = Pass = clingfilm2

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Great team work and a reworking of an old tactic made it all come together in the taking of two landing zone's in one night. Also in the two battles we managed to loose only eight tanks and take out 30 of the enemy tanks for battles tomorrow. A special thank you to Wet_Letice, British_Lancer and the other players who contributed in getting us to the finals but were unable to play in the taking of the land.



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