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4 tens 3215 & 61.07 recent - 2561 & 59.2 Overall

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Hey, Im LemmingRush, and im looking to join a clan that competes on the map, has tournament teams and will also be competing in the next campaign!


Ive got 4 tier 10s:

BatChat 25T 





Im working on my object 430 v2 so I can complete the tier 10 russian mediums, as well im working on grinding towards the T110E5. 


I like to think of myself as an ambitious player, Im improving incredibly quickly and my most recent goal is to achieve 4k recent wn8 without insane stat padding (:

I have a mic and teamspeak 3 and I enjoy solo pubbing. I find platooning with players can be fun if they dont rage at other players when they play like shit.

English is my primary language.


I like biking, skiing (double black means double the fun :^) and I make youtube videos whenever I feel like it. Sitting at 303 subs as i write this (:



If you think a 16 year old high school student might be a good addition to your group, hit me up in game or via pm (: we should platoon & chat!


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As long a 16 year old guy its mature enough, there wont be any problem man. that doesn't means we are a boring clan, but when you need to be mature and serious, its important. We have some players around or even below your age.


Come check if you want lots of CWs activities, as well as daily Strongholds wars or skirmishes, then we are the right fit for you. we also have tourneys teams around, and of course we will participate on the next campaign whenever it is.

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