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[NA] [MYM] Mayhem Tankers recruiting 1850+ recent

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Mayhem Tankers is recruiting!

(yeah, this is a link ^)

We are recruiting active players to help us pad our Stronghold win rate, as well as increase our gold income through tournies (so we can skip stock grinds and pad wn8 more efficiently)

What we are looking for

  • Recent Wn8 of at least 1850
  • Overall of 1400+ is nice, but takes a backseat to recent
  • At least 1 tier 10, preferably CW viable
  • At least 2 CW viable tier 6s
  • Teamspeak w/ ears, mic is nice as well
  • At least 1 solid tank at each tier for tournies (recommended)
  • Get us boxes in strongholdz
  • Activity in-game and in Teamspeak
  • Thick skin and a decent sense of humor


What we offer

  • A friendly, relaxed environment with skilled players for platoons and other shenanigans
  • Lots of gold through successful Weekday warfare and Skirmish teams
    • (stand-tos can be assembled on a daily basis if there's interest)
  • Stronghold bonuses, and easy leveling of tier 6s and 8s :P
  • Tier 4 stronghold bonuses
  • A teamspeak which is populated at most hours of the day
  • Tier 6 clan wars/gold, moving up to 8 when possible
  • Hatred of arty


For Recruiting, Contact:

Vurhd1 (commander/fearless leader)

JPower (XO)

Whiper23 (Recruiter)

Maui123459 (Recruiter)

TorchofFreedom (Recruiter)

Vidhur1 (Recruiter)


For Diplo: JPower, Vurhd1, Maui123459


Celebrity endorsements

"They're ok. Except for Vurhd1. He sucks." ~Jacobhunter3006



"So, KV_2 is Luna, and then I have some other green shitlord in the platoon" ~Sela on stream, in reference to JPower (green shitlord)


TL;DR, we make gold, come make gold with us

glhf o7 gg

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Thanks! How are you guys doing over at Kimbo?

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I basically become nocturnal when I'm not in school.

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Stronghold Attack/Defense is up and running. First defense went off very well, looking forward to our first attack tonight (Tuesday)! Hope to have a good turnout!

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MYM still confirmed best hat for -G- NA

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These guys are still recruiting and holding land on the tier 6 map, go join them

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Still recruiting, active on the tier 6 map, moving to tier 8 asap

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