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So a short story first.


I moved out of my parents over a week ago, however I did not own my own gaming pc. So thus I got stuck bringing my 9 YO toshiba laptop with on-board graphics. (It gets 17fps in minecraft with everything turned down -__-). I ordered 1100$ worth of pc parts to build a new rig and they shipped everything... other than the goddam motherboard! Still waiting for that, told them to just swap it out for a different one and i'll just pay the difference (still waiting for a response). So anyways, there isn't much you can play on a toaster that is worse than gandy's laptop. I tried a few games and ended up on Terriara. It's a lot of fun, I asked Octavia_ to play it with me so that I wouldn't be bored, and he ended up having a lot more fun with it then me (he spent a lot of time in it while I was offline). We've had a few random friends join us for a few hours (CheesyHoney, and a guy not on wotlabs). 


So now to the purpose of the thread, who here plays Terraria? and would anyone be interested in joining us on Octavia's server? (PM either of us for IP and password)


Here's a SC of our place.




Post anything you want related to the game. Oh, and some SC's of your cool builds :D

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There was already a thread about, i have it but haven't played in a good while.


This was my base by the time i got sidetracked, carved it off the terrain




Wow thats a nice place

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My first world had a simple wood tower but i disliked it, so i decided to get creative and rolled a new world. :P


But it's hard to build cool stuff early on, when you have bad tools and limited materials.


Also it's a large world, not shown but it has 3 living trees (two were small) and a pyramid.

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My roommate has it and swears by it. I don't see the value in it, other than wasting time I'd rather put into almost anything else. Cannot hold my attention. We also played it on the playstation, so that's got something to do with it too. PC master race.

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I have it and "Beat" it back in version 1.1 (I think that was the update). I have not played it in about a year and a half.

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I did, for a while.  Rather enjoyed it... got quite far too.  I think the only things I didn't manage were killing a couple of the hard-mode bosses.  The metal skeletor dude was the only one I hadn't killed, if I recall.  At that point, it was a bit... grindy, and I didn't have a group to play on a server with anyway.

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