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[GTA 5] Romantic Bulbasaurs Clan Recruitment Station!

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[Romantic Bulbasaurs


~ As the fields of green are gently caressed by the soft winds, the Bulbasaurs run wild and free~

~ The exquisite Crew [Romantic Bulbasaurs] is ALWAYS recruiting exceptional Gangsters/Pimps/Thugs/Drug Dealers/Thieves/Escorts etc just no Rapists allowed! ~

TeamSpeak:  ts101.light-speed.com:4914


Recruitment Standards:

You Must Love Bulbasaur's 

Must Have Swag on you at all times

Must be able to hold guns incorrectly

If you're not Sagging You're not RBIS Material 

Must Dislike World of tanks

Must Be Loyal "Snitches Get Stiches"

Must Love to Eat Leafs 

You have To Love(Tolerate) All RBIS Crew Members


Other Requirements

-Individual performance among Pimps/Thieves/Escorts will be reviewed and heavily weighed upon unless you are a credible, well known person.

-How well you get along with other Bulbasaurs is a major factor, So Basically Don't be A Dick Cause, Ain't Nobody Got Time For That.


Why Should you Join RBIS?

Cause Everyone Knows Bulbasaurs Always get the Bitches



As you all Can tell I had sometime on my hands the Crew is Open and anyone with an account should be able to join if you can't message me and I'll send you an invite.

I'm having way too much fun making this thread if it was World of tanks I already would've Rage quit.




Bulbaaaa bulba!

Cause nothing can compete with Bulbasaurs

were scary cute lovable gangster pimps with guns  vine whip and solarbeam!!  come on now that's just  fucking crazy!

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