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Ace Special Vid's [1080p+60fps] >please no more requests atm<

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Do you like my YouTube video's and you would like to see yours there too?

Then send me your replays (http://wotreplays.eu) and they will be made in stone. I will edit them with some special effects and your favorite songs.
I just need the replay and if possible a special song you have in mind. (suitable song/soundtrack)

Updated: Finally I've got a committee!
2 guys who are going to help me to evaluate and decide over all requests for replays.
For the time being we decided that those 2 will stay in the background for now.

I should mention that both of them are part of different Top-10-Communities (and not IDEAL). 

Furthermore following guidelines will apply for all future requests:

  • No Arty!
  • min. Tier 8 
  • T8 ≈ 5000+ damage, Platoons ≈ 9000+
  • T9 ≈ 7000+ damage, Platoons ≈ 12000+
  • T10 ≈ 9000+ damage, Platoons ≈ 14000+ 
  • Epic Medals > Raseiniai, Pool's, De Langlade's, Kolobanov's, Bruno's, Tarczay's, Billotte's


What means guidelines?

When you did f.e. 8000 damage in a tier 10 tank. But combined with one of these  epic medals or you blocked like ≈ 5000 damage, that you still have a pretty good chance that we say "YES" to your replay! Of course there are also other exceptions!


for example: Veit with his Leopard 1



I am thankful about every donation =)


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#10 - Best of 2K15


Hey guys, this time around there is actually something to win. If you find the putative error in the video, I will edit a video of your choice (random, skirmish or clanwars). Post your answer in the commentsection down below(on YouTube). But: Everyone has one single try only. If someone submits more than one guess, he will be disqualified.

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#11 - IDEAL vs -SED-


Hey Guys, you contacted me with the request of seeing more gameplay, possibly from my own perspective. Well, to make that happen first of all I need to have a good game...^^
A true gentleman honors debts, especially gambling debts. Since I lost another bet recently I had to choose one out of three songs and the one performed by Lenny Kravitz was the most unoffending one =D

I hope you will enjoy the video =)

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#14 Short montage about Failware




Most of you guys know, that I don't earn a penny with my videos, since I use music which would strike me with copyright-issues. So I deactivated the adds. Nonetheless some of you guys asked me, if they could donate some money to help me. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


I am thankful about every donation =)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Maybe you guys have some ideas how to honor the donations? My initial idea would be to mention every donator in the credits. I am open for additional ideas, just post them in the commentsection :)

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#15 Best of 2016 :)



Please read the youtube description =) thx guys <3

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