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Platoon standards  

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  1. 1. You see a guy with yellow stats and green or so recent asking for pluton

    • Yea fine, let's play a couple games together for fun and lulz
    • Jesus no, get away from me...
    • Come here boy, let me teach you the way to unicum(icity?¿). We won't give up unti you are shining purple

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My platooning process is as follows:


Are people looking for a platmate on AWFUL TS?

   YES - Join them.

   NO - Spam friends list.


      Did someone accept within 15 seconds?

         YES - Play with them.

         NO - Play solo until someone spams me an invite.

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I sometimes platoon with baddies if they ask me, but they need to have a battle count fitting to their stats. I once ran into a tomato in a battle when I was grinding the BDR. I died two minutes before the battle ended (1.5+k dmg too weak to carry tier 5) and was able to watch some cringeworthy play. After the battle one guy from my team wrote me and asked to platton. He was bad, but it seemed like he was trying and he was an actual newbie. I accepted. We platooned a couple of times and I tried to teach him some basics while he was mostly following me and watched while I yolo'd around in my Type 64. He sometimes asks me questions about crews or tanks to this day, but we haven't platooned in a while.


Turns out my gut feeling was right and he was indeed willing to learn (not just from me, in general). He is also roaming these forums now and has reached over 55% WR overall last time we spoke (which is nice).

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This thread in general makes me feel better about the world. I would normally never venture to ask a purple for a platoon, but maybe now I will.

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I will platoon with just about anyone once. Not a fan of the "chatters" and the blame game.

I enjoy tooning most with yellows and greens who are willing to learn and uni's and super uni's who are willing to teach. I am always looking for opportunity's to improve my play and help others improve theirs.

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When you play like I do, it's hard to have very high standards.  I'll accept invites from random people as long as they don't look like bots and didn't spend the game we were just in sitting behind our cap circle.  I've picked up some nice platoon mates by messaging people after games where they played especially well.  I'm generally averse to voice comms because I don't really want to talk about things other than the game at hand.  No offense to more social players, but I don't like distractions.  I don't need a blow by blow of every shot you bounce/miss/low roll or what the random potatoes around you are doing. 

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I'm okay for platooning casually (aka not looking at stats) BUT I've had a target WR I've had ever since I started the game, and the longer I don't get it, the more despairing I get...  In any case, these days, my standards are: has to NOT be worse than me (very easy, I've been in a downward spiral for months). 


Platooning with Blue WN players are always a pleasure though, even more so for purples like scout_in_the_house, who actually gives good in-game criticism.

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