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Come and join -A-pex (1200 recent WN8)

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Welcome to -A-pex where our motto is "We strive to be the top" and that is what we do.  We have been made for only a couple of days and we have already signed up for a fairly large tournament and hope to do very well in it.  In -A-pex we have lots of fun and we are also very competitive. But most of all, we are not total douches.  We will be entering in a lot of tournaments, doing stronghods, and team training asap. If you want to be apart of an amazing thing come join -A-pex and we will take care of all of your needs.  We do expect some things from you as I would think you do from us.

Some of our rules.
700 WN8 overall
1200 WN8 recent
TS3 required 
You must have at least 1 Tier 8 tank.
Some rules that may or may not be hard for some people and if they are hard for you please do not even apply for this clan.
There will be no sexism, racism, political talk, and religious arguments. 
You must be respectful and strive to be courteous.
When we are doing any type of event there will ne no swearing in the Teamspeak. If you need to vent afterwards go into a platoon and do it with someone else.


If you would like to come join apply for the clan, or pm me and I will send you an invite!

Happy Tanking!






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