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The Ask Ectar Some Questions Thread

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1 minute ago, Ectar said:

I'll play with other streamers so long as it's organised with plenty of time in advance. Right now however it's not the best of times due to the various events I'm attended at the end of the month.

People do pay for it. It's called World of Tanks Blitz.


My guess is WOT @ desktop is much larger in terms on playerbase, ergo more money. And you as "inventor" get too much money. We all know Akon, so here take this :)




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11 hours ago, weenis said:

And who are you most looking forward to meeting at Tankfest?

I dunno tbh. Tankfest is something I'm both looking forward to and dreading atm.

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22 hours ago, no_name_cro said:

@Ectar So another topic about interesting mods appeared.

Does thing mean WG started doing something more about it than before? Any comments?

Dealing with mods is something on the big "to do" list for this year. They will be getting a lot of attention but I'm not aware of the specifics yet.

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5 minutes ago, lt_lolcat said:

Web Page Blocked

Access to the web page you were trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is in error.


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GL Ectar! Hope you find what you are looking for in the new job.

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Truly sad to see you go, out of all WG employees you are easily the one who has done the biggest positive changes and listened willingly to all sides of the issues. You have been an excellent role model for both forum users and moderators, and I am sure that your efforts over the last years have made permanent changes that players will benefit from for years to come. 

Best of luck in your new job, hope it's everything you want it to be and then some.

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