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The Ask Ectar Some Questions Thread

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On 7/25/2016 at 6:18 PM, Ectar said:

I would like to own a Savannah one day. Failing that I'll take an Ocicat or Bengal.

Devon Rex master race!

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On 7/25/2016 at 6:18 PM, Ectar said:

I would like to own a Savannah one day. Failing that I'll take an Ocicat or Bengal.

Have Bengal, as Savannah's are all banned in Australia. Even a Bengal must be F5 to be allowed into this country - apparently they're worried about big AND feral cats with wildcat genes causing species genocide in the Australian bush. Highly recommend re-homing one that's been put up for adoption - especially if 1-3 years old.

I would caution specifically against backyard breeders of Bengals, even as much as I doubt you'd get one from anywhere dodgy - Bengals are genetically considered one of the most difficult cat breeds to breed healthily and most bloodlines that are solid are solid because of the amount of research which went into setting them up - if someone wants a spraying, smelly, calling, weight-losing animal who attracts roaming tomcats with possible disease, & who will want to get out of the house, & who is prone to uterine & ovarian cancer as well as heart and kidney issues and the deadly pyometra.... then a craigslist advert is where to go. They're worth every second of effort though.


On 9/6/2016 at 4:05 PM, Saffee said:

Some rescue place down here in Melbourne that is giving away like 8 savannah kittys at the moment, My missus came running to me last week wanting to get one.

Im guessing they are like F4s or F5s since anything more pure is banned in Australia, the cat as a whole is banned in some states, At first I thought it was kind of cool, but having our current cat that can lurk around outside and do his thing during the days (hes always inside after 6pm) and then having to keep the savannah inside so the neighbors dont think there is a cheetah on the run kind off put me off it. Apparently the f4/5s are smaller though but still, it does not sound like a good idea :E


I heard this was a hoax designed to get money for the shelter and/or the work of a new staff member mis-identifying another breed. The Federal Court of Australia banned Savannah cats in 2012 and that was the full bench - more 'wild genes' than a F5 is banned in Bengals across Australia (1/32nd Asian Leopard Cat), and that's quite wild in practice. Ours considers the family a 'pride', drinks from running water sources only, walks in the bathtub, climbs curtains and flyscreens for fun, loves rain, thunder, lightning and fireworks, alongside tropical fruit. She can open doors, turn the fans off and the air-conditioning both on and off, turn taps on and was toilet trained for a while.

On 7/25/2016 at 6:38 PM, woe2you said:

Man has excellent taste in cats.

Yes, yes he does.

This is Mightypride Smokin' Aces (Smoky), now known as Nekisse. She's a double grand champion and would've been a future breeding queen if her first litter of kittens had been looked after instead of ignored in favour of Da Bird and chasing ping-pong balls.  Sorry for the crappy picture quality.



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19 hours ago, Tigeh said:



Almost the same markings as ours =)


She has flat chested kitten disorder on one side of her chest that Bengals sometimes get. She was also really really fearful when growing up but it got better by handling and spending time with her.

Shes 12 soon and still looks like a young cat, has never had any issues. Very loyal and incredibly social. Wonderful breed, but as stated, not easy for breeders with possible disorders around every corner.

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