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"Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up.  It knows it must run faster than the lion or it will not survive. 
 Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve.


  In the end, it doesn't matter if you're the lion or the gazelle.  When the sun comes up, you better be running." 

                  -Chris McDougall


"Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat is accepted as reality."


                   -Bruce Lee



It has finally happened guys, I have surpassed the final color barrier that we people rate ourselves by, I am now Dank Purple Recent


Here are the stat screens in all their glory.



VKYfBwj.png gnlJeZA.png






I am grateful that I was directed to WOTlabs and that this is all possible by the venerable Smilieyface



I was always a competitive person and enjoy doing well in anything I attempt, I also enjoy modding games. And as you may guess, one of the first mods that I found was XVM. That led to the realization that there was a comprehensive rating system, and naturally I wanted to be the best I could.


With only knowing about the WOT forums I was a bit lost as to how to go about getting better, so I started reading the wiki, read Lert's collection of beginners guides, and found myself around 800-1000 wn8 at that point.


[enter WOTlabs]


I was overwhelmed, here was all the information I needed to get better, right at my fingertips! At first I struggled with translating what I was reading into my gameplay (Looking at you minimap awareness -_-) I realized that this wasn't how to play WoT



I experimented with several different tank lines and finally decided to grind my way up to the IS-7 as my first Tier 10.


Giddy with excitement I pressed that shiny "purchase" button and a whole new world was open to me. As Kewei says it,


"So, how do you improve in the fastest, most brutal, efficient, and stats-damaging way possible (unless you plan to follow my advice on an alt account)? You go straight to the highest tiers as fast you can and stay there, solo-pubbing in average tanks – playing next to no games outside of the double digit battle tiers other than to take a break or to grind some credits."


This is what I was in for, a solopub adventure to get better.


[Fast forward 300 battles in the IS-7]


around this point I think that I hit light blue recent and was loving it. I started getting to platoon with better and better players, I joined a great clan/family (KIMBO FTW!) and was on a steady road of improvement.

Until I hit "the wall" 


I stalled out at just above 2k wn8 recent and couldn't for the life of me get past it. So desperate for help, I went back and re-read all the things I read when I first came to WOTlabs, and it was amazing how much different the same material was, it made sense. One of my favorite things I read was by Gashtag I believe, he stated:


"You need to forget about stats. Right now, just drop it. See your long term stats as a wall, each brick is a game. How many of you take care of each and every brick,

 aiming to achieve complete perfection with each one you lay? 
The percentage we're looking for here lies smack bang in the middle of 99.8 and 100. Being good isn't your padded DPG on a specific tank, nor is it your 75% win rate over 11k games. 
Being good is taking care of every game that you enter,
 striving for success in it, taking/creating opportunities to get ahead and thus having a great influence on the game in your teams favor
I also found Rexxie's and Okeono's map guide thread 
This changed my entire perspective about tanks and improvement. From that point on I started playing games with a purpose. I started talking my decisions through in my head and noted a direct effect on my stats. 


This improvement continued until I hit about 2.6k recent, and at this point LIMBO (my dream clan at the time) dissolved and AWFUL rose from the ashes of that dissolution. Knobby talked me into joining and boy am I glad I did.


I got to platoon with different people (CarbonatedPork, Gandaran, Victrixen, Ikone, DramaticWarlord Sorry for blocking you that one time) and learned a great deal just from watching how they handled situations and dealt with stress. 


I started submitting replays to be reviewed by Echelon and WaterWar and a couple others, who promptly pointed out my shortcomings and corrected my mistakes, leading me to where I am today.


[End Novel]



If I had any advice to offer up to people who are where I was, I would say:


-Continue reading WOTlabs

-get someone who will put up with you and learn from watching them play

-watch a gud stream, eg Zeven or Anfield (hue QB)

-Take the time to watch your replays

-Enlarge your minimap and pay attention to it

-Think through your actions and determine whether it is worth it or not

-Don't poke into big guns

-Guard your HP and only use it when you can get a favorable trade (eg. eat  a 440 dmg shot and then unload 1.6k dmg from an autoloader) 

-Platoon as often as you can, solopubbing is great for wanting to kill yourself sometimes, but its a game after all, and what is a game without friends.

-Unistall any session stat mods.

-Always play to win, like the quote earlier, defeat is a state of mind that you adopt, don't let the pubbies beat you down


Thank you for your time and thank you everyone who had a hand in helping me achieve my goals.


Obligatory cat tax.


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Thanks for the responses guys, glad my experience could be of some help vintage.


Bolshevik, I have been neglecting my KV-5 recently, maybe it is time to pull it out again.

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Get that dank purple overall and enjoy the faggetory of cancer :3

No need to have dark purple for that Kind of attention.

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Am i the only one not giving a shit about Recent?


Don't care about stats in general (especially WN8 since it's broken to begin with)


But recent rating is more explanatory than overall.  I don't care if someone used to suck the first 10k battles and actually knows how to play his tanks now.  I'm not playing with/against him then, I'm playing him now.

Also, rerolls are easy.

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So playing Overall gud is not as gud as padding fotm? Lulz, dat Logic.

What if you padded and then plateaued at lets say 2515/2586 ? ;)



Does that seem any better?

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So playing Overall gud is not as gud as padding fotm? Lulz, dat Logic.


So playing recently gud in all types of tanks is not as gud as overall gud? Lulz, dat logic

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Jokes on you. I dont pad. I hardly doubt all the 1400 overall/ 2.5k + recent Play soooooo much better in just around 30 days.

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Jokes on you. I dont pad. I hardly doubt all the 1400 overall/ 2.5k + recent Play soooooo much better in just around 30 days.


If you want to talk about the merits of overall vs. recent stats, by all means go ahead and start a thread. It's pretty bad form to come into someone else's thread where they are clearly happy about having reached a goal and want to share some insight with those still working on it, and then dumping your wet blanket all over it. Not the right time, not the right place.


Grats Joyrider. Pretty sure I am hitting a similar sort of plateau that you experienced right now. Tier 10s got me down!

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now get good winrate you fucking padder


and ty for the shoutout <3



Its cus I almost always play solo ;_;


*sheds tear* You made it!


Glad you showed up, now I can guilt you into getting Dank Purple, come toon wif me and I can mentor you Skreb.


Thank you, you were a great help as I made the transition from blue to purple ^_^

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Jokes on you. I dont pad. I hardly doubt all the 1400 overall/ 2.5k + recent Play soooooo much better in just around 30 days.

Congrats on being an arrogant prick, how does it feel?


This is a forum for people to find tips on improving, and clearly it has worked out for the OP. Stop shitting around with your overall, which I may say is not even dark purple #PlateauedPurplesAreCancer

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