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  1. 1. Should we invite mr rogers to prove how siriz we are about educating/improving?

    • Yus, let's take it to the next level!
    • No
    • This question is as stupid as this thread.

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:kitty:   :kitty:                LABS is recruiting       :kitty:   :kitty:   


That's right, the #1 rated play4fun clan is now looking for recruits!


Who are we, and what are we looking for?

A solid group of active players, looking for overall dark purples. 6/7 nights available for discussing anime while we wipe our enemy's asses in clan wars. 18+ or be mature.


lolwut was dat, who would join such bland, boring clam


We're really just a bunch of people like the X-men, but without superpowers. "Old", young and childish, chill or stubborn.

But despite that, we are all rather tolerable/tolerant, so we'll accept you with open arms. Except maybe our lord-emperor Solonii, because, well...





But seriously, what do we expect of you?


Activity is something that we'd like. But, this is a very casual clan, heck I've never even seen Never in the in-game chat.

A visual representation might illustrate what I mean.




Do you see the activity in south africa? Yes? Well then, right now, our clan would be something like that tiny dot south-west of it.

That's why we make this thread of course. What I'm trying to say is that we don't care if you take a 2week break, or if you play 24/7. We're all here to have fun, and all we want is for you to do the same.



How about stats?

ayy lmao


This is wotlabs yo, we don't care if you have trouble beating JSnazz in his OP hetzer.

This guy knows exactly what's up:


So, with a bit of that, and a bit more of LABS, the chemistry becomes real and this could be you!


We'd like to have some semi-burnt out but good mentors/experienced players too, so they can help training the young padawans.



Our plans for the future!


It is quite obvious that we aren't even close to fielding CW teams at the moment, and if we're honest, we probably won't be able to do any of that in the near future. 


Play4fun and educate the youngsters.



Advantages of being in the #1_klam_NA


- Total immunity on the forums.

Look at ZX, has the lord-emperor ever threatened him?


- Tons of free gold

Did you really think all that patron money is supporting this website?


- We have girls

Or maybe just one viking.



- We're so awesome that nobody leaves our clan

And if someone would, we'll wardec their entire next clan as soon as we can field a 15 man team...

With tier tens... 


- Players from all over the world

Although the maximum players you may see in the clan chat is around 4 at the moment, there's always someone.








Well that's how I (scout), feel about our clam. Since diversity is what bonds us (lolwat), I'll post some serious, clear requirements and the lot. In case you're the kind of (lovely) person who prefers to receive information this way.



-50+ posts on the WoTLabs Forum.

    -Even if you don't have the 50poasts, being active is fine.

-Have a working mic.

    -So we can hear that sexy voice on TS.

-Be mature.

    -We have some very young people in here and I have to admit that they look at the games very fairly and always are searching for        a solution in their own gameplay rather than blaming whoever they can. I can't say that's how I would've done it at their age.

-Have a sense of humor.

    -Don't be the party-pooper that takes things too seriously, k?

-Have a thick skin.

    -As mentioned, we're working towards that dank purple WN8, so you gotta be open to criticism.


Clan rules:

-Don't be a drama queen.

    -Unless, of course, you're M1ster_R0gers, then carry on   :serb:



Post something in the thread, or PM ZXrage, csbassplayer and/or me.

PM anyone you want to for info about le clan.


TS: ts.wotlabs.net:9467


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I'm looking for a clan like this since playing NA from the UK.
This makes CW pretty much out for me (4-6am start time at work plus family mean RIP CW involvement).

I'm active most evenings which would be 2pm-7pm ish Eastern and at other times during UK daytime on days off.
My recent stats are mostly 8/9 solo, not much 10 as I've been mainly grinding the lines and trying to improve then move to 10 when I'm more ready.
Most of my 10 stats are from a while back and they're rough viewing although not the illustrious Mr.Rodgers levels of OP, Object 140 is the only recent Tier 10 play iirc.

Some better players to point out my dopey mistakes with some mentoring and improve my play would be great.

I'm an oldish fart at 38 so semi-mature, hell I'm still playing internet tonk and stuff lol.

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Sounds perfect, I'll need your IGN though :)


I have to start looking at signatures...


Yeh got bored with the old name, this seemed more suitable at times lol.

Will sort an application out referencing:  'ZX said to join the shitpoast platoon with him' lol.



Edit : Seen invite will accept once servers are back up.

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Best reroll clan NA!  Join LABS to give your reroll the look of legitimacy!


Join in the next 30 days and get access to Never's secret gold stash!


Edit: also looking for pro stat padders to make us look better with that dank purple....

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All accepted, thanks.
Be on TS soon as I get my voice back to audible levels, 3 days off work with a flu like virus and I squeak more than talk at the moment combined with incessant coughing in no joy for anyone with working ears.

Should be on over the weekend at latest.

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