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Arty help/suggestions

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First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong spot.   I feel that my arty playing is ok, but I feel like I am missing out on some key information/strat that will take me to the next level.  I find more often then not I try to go for the easy damage, when I should be pushing for the harder to hit shot.  I realize I should prioritize and try to hit arty>TDs>autoloaders in roughly that manner, as well as help out teammates when in need.  I struggle sometimes though with prioritizing targets.  Attached I have a replay from my most recent batchat arty game.


Note; I do a horrible job of moving after each shot with the bat chat (all my other arty i move immediately, but since its an autoloader, i hate to make the reticle reset).


Defeat!, Bat Chatillon 155 58, Mines, 7/21/13 2:32 AM: 325 nXP, 2,952 dmg

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ok, here a simple guide how to play arty:

1) move your arty close to a high obstacle

2) aim at the obstacle

3) fire

4) if youre not dead yet, repeat until dead

5) wait until battle is over

6) sell all arties

7) buy a tank



prioritize top tier targets (in case of batfuck: T10)

shoot the biggest thread (flanking tanks are always a great danger, else it can be anything)

if someone is pinging a target, consider shooting at it, that teammate usually needs help with that thing

only aim at arty if someone told you to do so, before he went to scout them (malinovka rushing through the forest, a simple ping on the minimap by a teammate should be considered "told you so")

and last but still very important: move with your team. Shorter range means shorter shell flighttime and higher accuracy. Also you can get in better spots to hit them (again malinovka: you can move up the hill or even on the enemy half of the side, like behind the church or the mirrored position on the other side of the map to shoot behind obstacles. Every Cover on open maps can be neglected by moving to a different position

hope that helped


but Id really recommend you try my first guide to arty

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Lol, ok, Ill consider your first guide;)  I know theres not too much strat involved, but I figured I may be missing something that would help me contribute to my team more, becuase people are always bad mouthing the arty.  


Tx for taking the time to respond though:)

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you seem to be performing at average ability for nearly all your tanks, some tanks above, some tanks below.


Don't worry so much about getting better at arty, it is a class of vehicle where you can get by with being kind of bad and it doesn't really matter, but it is really hard to learn anything on arty because it is so noobfriendly and forgiving (less so with 8.6, but still)

the same things that will make you good at mediums, TDs, and heavies will also make you better at arty, but they are much easier to learn in those tanks because you know really fast if you did something wrong, either you take unnecessary damage or you lose, in arty you have to analyze the situation a lot more in depth to figure out if you could have done better, better positioning or better target priority.


It is not impossible to learn that in arty, but it is much harder, people who play (a lot of) arty generally don't get much better than they already are.

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