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Oosa/Dave Franco's Stream // 3700+ WN8 (60D)

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First off, I'm not really Dave Franco, but people say I look like him.




The goal of my stream is to show a live insight of what I am doing in-game, and explain the decisions I make and what I'm thinking. My main focus is mediums and heavies. I platoon often with players from Relic and other top clans, and occasionally I'll platoon with some viewers.



Age: 19

Location: Northern Colorado, USA

What I Play: World of Tanks, War Thunder, Elite: Dangerous.

Favorite Tank: Leopard 1, the best looking tank in the game!

If you want to know more about me, just ask! =)



Schedule is currently fucked.



☑ 100 Followers - Webcam

☑ 250 Followers - 1,250 Gold Giveaway

☑ 500 Followers - 3,000 Gold Giveaway

☑ 750 Followers - Song Request bot

☑ 1,000 Followers - 24 Hour Stream

☑ 1,500 Followers- 3,000 Gold Giveaway

☑ 2,000 Followers- Apply for Twitch partnership?

☐ 2,500 Followers- Another 24 hour stream? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...


☐ 4,000 Followers- 25,000 gold or 10,000 gold/10,000,000 credits giveaway. Winner chooses.

☐ 5,000 Followers- 30 hour stream. I am fucking insane. Kappa Keepo OpieOP



Here's some highlights if you want to get a feel for my stream.





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Lol wtf, why am I in that video? I don't remember that match at all. Must have been especially hammered.


Also you didn't accept the inv I don't remember sending, you're a dick :P

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l enjoy watching him getting clicked ;)

I like it more when its early in his stream, so he is still awake and he gets angry. Not nearly as entertaining when he is dead tired, and he gets clicked. 

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