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The one year anniversary oF worst's ban

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Edited your title to reflect comprehensive English.


I love Wurst, and have for a long long time, simply because he makes me laugh (and cringe) on TS. His posting was thoroughly terrible. His occasional crusades against WoTLabs, old people, furries, and basically all other subgroups are incomprehensible but sometimes funny. He was one of the reasons I enjoyed the old PBKAC so much, and one reason BULBA called to me. To hear Wurst expound or talk shit while playing arty is just great, its a mile a minute verbal nonsense. He somehow never got himself banned from the official forums although he is well and truly forever chatbanned inside the game, its been like 2 years, they never gonna lift that. I remember when his handle was Liquid_Drugs but around that time PBKACers were raising so much hell (Agent_Smithx2, Vegas_Ron, Wurst, Okeano, sr360, self) in chat and on the forums that they made me and Wurst change our names (RIP in Peace CraBeatOff!) perma chat banned 3 of them (and probably others) but hey it was worth, right? Gotta let those pubbies know how bad they are. 


And he still does fun stuff, organizing the bulba banquet, uploading or selecting movies for sync start movie night during F A S T B O Y Z, finding random retarded games for everyone to play during downtime for tournies (plug dj, typing races, etc).


But god his posting was awful when he wanted it to be.

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My only interaction with him was being regularly perma'd from bulba TS when I was there, then having ox or someone else unban.


He also plays very well.

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