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[_-W-_] is recruiting!

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We have ridiculed Dragon_Tyrant on the official forums before, which was dramatic but also exceptionally funny. We also had a member leave because of the vulgar nature of Teamspeak profile images.


That's about as crazy as things get.

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I am sucking away Cep's recent, not unlike the way a heffalump sucks the honey out of a honey pot.

In other news, we are a top 10 clan now! At least according to the ever-important (sarcasm included) "clan rating" metric. But either way, nice job boys!

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Our girls are a lot nicer than Violet.



The Claws guys Prefer me mean. Claws men like a hard time. However if i find that I've accidently recruited men who can't take it, I'll be sure to refer them to a nice girl clan. 


and stop stealing my stolen artwork! ... the last clan to do that was plsgo...... just sayin. lol

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I love it, and I'm sending all of my guys to admire it.

I also like this thing we have going on here, where I post in your thread and you post in mine. We're basically friends with benefits.

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Possibly, but since the roster is tight I've personally been stringent lately about the requirements. The Patton is not a tank we use for clan wars, but it looks like you have the IS-8. Get the IS-7 when you can and kick some ass in it.

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