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[] Evelyn's Modpack, because "timeleft" isn't a word.

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Click Here.


Just drop the contents of the archive into your game directory, the folder structure should be right.


Simple XVM config with that hides stat numbers when actually fighting a battle, so you won't get distracted. You can still access your information overload by pressing tab. Colors are the Wotlabs colors, with the last purple lightened for readability.


Included Mods:

  • XVM
  • J1mB0′s Crosshair minus the crosshair (panel only)
  • Locastan's Minimap
  • Locastan's Session stats with custom settings.
  • No Intro Video

Sound mods aren't included in the pack itself to save space.

Standalone XVM config and colors.xc are also available for download.


Enjoy <3



  • Updated for
  • Improved wording for certain phrases in English locale file ("timeleft" is not a word!)


  • Updated for 0.9.8
  • Added WoTLabs WN8 coloring to session stats.


  • Initial release

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I was gonna ask if you were gonna add the auto binocs/camo net mod then realised I never use it because I don't play tds or use camo net/binocs on any of my tanks so this post is worthless but I can't sleep so *bites*

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The only thing missing is intro video skip, and WG seems to have changed the location of the videos so putting in an empty file replacer isn't working.


Need one with damage panel


If you can find one with damage information in a well designed format (not just a grid of numbers somewhere in the corner of the game), I'll add it. Like, I mean.. a translucent rectangle background behind the grid of numbers or something.

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It has topbar information overload!


And auto AEGIS switching :3


Still have no clue what AEGIS is... finally made it to Egypt, though.

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XVM nightly and Jimbo's crosshair are updated, but minimap and session stats are not. I'm going to wait until everything is updated before I package everything.


In the meantime, my XVM config is working.

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