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Looking for a mentor on EU cluster

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Hey Guys! 

Some months back I opened a forum topic looking for experienced players to platoon with. 

I got alot of good feedback, and properbly the best one of them, was to find a clan with "stronk" players i could learn from - which i did. 

However a lot of water as run under the bridge since then (is exclusivly a danish proverb? Kappa) and I have outgrown my clan as well as found that Clan Wars, expect for campaigns, aren't my thing.  


My issue now, and this is why i created this topic, is that i feel like i'm in a void between having out-gown my current clan and not having the stats + experience to join clans with players i can truely learn, and become better, from. 


To me, the perfect solution to this issue is to find platoon mates / mentor who can point me in the right direction and help me better myself, 

Here are a few further details: 

- I drive mostly tier 10's as this where i've found ive made the fastest progress in bettering my gameplay. If you have different suggestions / not comfortable driving your tier 10's and lowering your stats in them, im more than okay with driving other tiers. 


- I have Ts and you are more than welcome to verbally abuse me as much as you deem necessary. 


- Tanks i drive atm: t-62a (58% wr, 2400 dpg), Stb-1 (60% wr, 2560 dpg - had a dip last week due to me playing like shit will get to 2700 in no time) E100 (56 %wr, 2550 dpg), IS-7 (61% wr, 2700 dpg) and last but not least 50b (61% wr, 2950 dpg - same as Stb-1 should be 3k+ after weekend). As you can see its not completly s**t but also far from great - this will give you an idea of about what level im on (wn8 is to easy to pad Keepo). 



Best regards,  :doubleguns2:

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If you join the "wotlabs" channel in game you will normally find good players, and in particular a handful of very good players. Most of the very good ones are generous in that channel and will platoon with players not as good as them.


Also if you hang out on the TS of the better clans you can also pick up platoon invites.

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I've also done a mentoring program recently, if you want in I'd be happy to take you under my wing.

 I am already in :tank:  only havent found the time to join a pluton with you

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I have actually been considering Lava for quite a while! I'll prob. get a hold of one of your recruiters (Waterwar?) Soontm

yes, or Nurkus.

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