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[SOMAC] Clan Recruiting - StrHld | TeamBtl | Adult Clan

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Hey there everyone.
We are looking for bright new members to join our ranks. We need mature men and women who enjoy beer, whiskey, and World of Tanks.
A strongholds focused clan, SOMAC has members from multiple US Time-zones and plays regularly both in team training, platoons, team battles, and of course strongholds. It is asked of all applicants that you be at least 18+ and have a Tier V tank. We are a clan that enjoys a good BS or two and welcome anyone wanting the same. We practice the RLF (Real Life First) protocol and do not make any specific matches mandatory for players. They are set up based on those that are willing to be available.
Players Must Have

  • 1500+ Battles.
  • Be active at 2-4 days a week minimum.
  • Recent WN8 of ~1000 or more. The important thing is being willing to learn and improve yourself.
  • 18+ - The majority of us are adults with jobs, families etc.
  • Must have a Mic/headset of somesort.

We Offer

  • Teamspeak 3 sever.
  • Subreddit which shows upcoming matches/events, and news within the clan.
  • Frequent playtime, with active members.
  • Tier VI+ Strongholds.
  • Team Battles.
  • Whiskey and Beer.
  • Whiskey and Beer -Okay mostly whiskey.

Apply today and join us!
Clan Commander
Solarmark Coalition

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I like this, just good old casual clan recruitment. I unfortunately do not meet the clans requirements of being 18+. This clan would be perfect for strongholds and such for Plsgo benefit. What do you say for some practice battles in tier 8 strongholds? Preferably with tanks of high health...

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I like this, just good old casual clan recruitment. Perfect for strongholds and such for our benefit.

Thanks :)


We are all pretty chill. We take playing the game seriously and truly enjoy being as good as we can be, but if it aint fun, no one gets better. Good, chill clans are great for the community and really they help each other by bringing good sportsmanship to the table for everyone.


We are new to the scene, but we are beyond excited to hit the floor running.





I wooshed on the above post. oh well. lol


We are still recruiting!


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We are doing our weekly Monday night Mashup of Stronghold matches! Interested parties can feel free to hit us up and play as stand-ins if you are not in another clan!


Come and Meet and greet!

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