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Buttlabs! Weekday Warfare 17!

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We are currently looking for fun competent players to join:

Weekday Warfare 17!

current team

1 slot left!


Tier 7s

Map: Airfield

4 players, 2 reserves

Tanks Required: t29s, t20s, cromwells/various Tier 5 Lights or Tier 6 Meds.





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I'll take that spot :D, closed my team since i didn't feel like looking for players

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Well, good job everyone. I had fun, I hope the rest of you had fun, that's the most important part. We still got a gold payout so we didn't leave with nothing <3

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Updated with Weekday Warfare 17

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Never mind.  I found another team.

Edited by Chssmius
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