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Looking for some smoothing

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Hey y'all,


I've been looking at my gameplay recently and I'm not getting as much out of it as I would like. I recognize that I have problems, but I'm having some trouble identifying them and coming up with solutions. I'm looking for a mentor or tutor to platoon with that will double check that I have the basics down and start to smooth off all my rough edges. Thanks for your time and consideration!







Edit: Just realized I didn't include the server. I'm on NA and I predominantly play East server.

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Just post some replays, where you loose(its important that you show the ones where you loose, its easy too justify an action if it results in a win even if it is bad play) Down in the tape review, im sure there will be some folks willing too help you out.

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Oh hey baby. You need some loving?

Gimmie all your lovin'. All your hugs and kisses too.

Is that an offer?

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Yeah, come find me in Petco TS someday, I'll be messing about in the Foxey section obviously :)

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