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New to the site. Introduction Inside!

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Hey folks.



Username is Valiantiam. I run a clan called SOMAC which is mostly a collection of close online friends that just really enjoy playing tanks tactically. Recently we have begun recruiting and looking to increase are tanks presence so that has been a lot of fun!


I enjoy calling, and learning from some of the better callers out there. I usually drive mid-high tier heavies. Brawling gameplay is what I'm best at.



I am 22 and work in a Network Operations Center. I often find myself browsing the forums on worldoftanks, wotlabs, reddit, and the wiki. I play tanks and world of warships. Other games I play include:

  • Eve Online
  • Guild Wars 2
  • GTAV
  • KF2
  • Pretty much any other flavor of the week type game that I can hop in an out of between tanks and Eve online.


I really like this community so far and look forward to getting to know more of it. 







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