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Buttlabs - Permanent Team Edition

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Not really a serious thing, but if any of you feel like doing team battles for fun and grinding butts and grinding tier 8s, come join <3


Post here or PM me or AirG if you want in.


we also need 20 battles before we can actually name our team and get a custom emblem


Current Roster

  1. *Evalithia - Evelyn
  2. *AirG - AirG
  3. Haswell - Haswell
  4. ChairInAGasket - Ollie Tabooger
  6. FlavioB - FlavioB
  7. Grimoire_of_Alice - Grimoire_of_Alice
  8. M4A3E8sherman - M4A3E8sherman
  9. Quantumkiwi - Quantumkiwi
  10. Spooky_Scary_Skeleton - Victrix
  11. T23E3IsLoveT23E3IsLife - Tman450


If we need some extra teammates but people in the roster aren't online, they'll be temporarily kicked for a reserve teammate and moved to this list until the next time they are available to play.

  • AwesomeMedic - AwesomeMedic
  • yoyoya2 - yoyoya2
  • Death_Rattle_Shakes - Death_Rattle_Shakes
  • 1n_Soviet_Russia - 1n_Soviet_Russia
  • ItchiCrotchi - Itchi
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Sure, I'd be interested! I've never done this before, but I have plenty of experience from tournaments and strongholds, and need a good way to grind credits in my IS-6 without ruining muh winrate further.


Also, how exactly do you join in-game? I can't seem to figure it out because I'm bad :(

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Flavvy must provide enough food for us from his farms first.


And free of charge use of the village's well. :doge:

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remind me to join this kroo once I get bored of my current one :)


i'm going to join once you guys do one match

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Invites out, except for T23E3IsLoveT23E3IsLife, waiting on you to leave your current team, if you want.


We can only have 12 in the roster and there are so far 13 people total who are in or want in, so first person to accept gets in.

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Yes the invites are in-game.


I'll keep a list of people who want in but can't fit in the 12-limit, so if we ever need to, just hot-switch people in and out.

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