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Football appreciation thread

Players Poll  

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  1. 1. As strikers, Ronaldo, Messi, ZLATAN, or HESKEY

    • Cristiano Ronaldo - knuckleballs, pks, and diving
    • Lionel Messi - the short dude that runs circles around guys
    • ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC - the nose
    • Heskey or gtfo

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Disgusted to find no thread dedicated to the beautiful game itself, besides the World Cup thread. The hypocrisy of haters is hilarious when you look at the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight in all its boringness. And they say soccer is boring  :tongue: .


Share your highlights, photos, bloopers, freekicks, tricks, etc.


Discuss your favourite leagues, teams, and players.


Keep the C. Ronaldo vs Messi to a minimum  :verysmug:




Ive personally always enjoyed watching La liga, Premiership league, and the UEFA Champions league. I prefer the Champions league over the world cup because you get to see top talent in their respective league teams, instead of playing with sometimes less superior countrymen, and not winning big.But World Cup has its own charm, I wont deny that.



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The team I care the most about (KRC Genk) is shit at the moment.


And our Belgian national team is handicapped by an unqualified manager.


So pretty meh atm. At least there is Real-Bayern coming up in the CL

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At least there is Real-Bayern coming up in the CL

I don't like how you spell Barcelona. It's not gay.

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Inb4 Juve can't move outside it's own half of the pitch

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Just a point of order for the OP with regard the poll. 2 of the choices you have are not strikers.. :-)

Bayern best tiem

also where is bendtner, he is obviously the best striker

Bayern were the best club team on the planet until Pep got hold of them. Not sit back and watch him destroy them. Even the Kaiser has come out against him...

He is trying to instill a very un-Germanic way of playing...

Everybody who says football, you have my thanks and appreciation. Everyone who says soccer... Y'all can die in a fire.

Or anyway how say offence or defense,or calls the keeper the goal tender!

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One thing I love about football  is that when you watch a game on TV you get 2 x 45 minute periods of uninterrupted sport, as all the commercials are at half time, before, and after.


Which is heaven compared to trying to watch any other sport in the USA. 

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I like them all myself, watch them all the time down here in South Florida. Wherever you go they watch different league, Columbian coffee shop you see their leagues, English bar or Irish pub premiers leagues, etc.


We do know if there is an fix involved Juventus wins.....

Also, driving from Orlando once caught match on radio, its surprisingly good on radio.

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Until they fix diving, I have no interest in this.  One center ref *CAN NOT* see everything, and the linesmen are preoccupied with off-sides.  Coaches are somewhat to blame for allowing their players to do this.  The main problem is that without instant replay, and stoppages, then teams can get an immediate benefit to diving.


Fix this crap and the sport becomes enjoyable.  Refuse to adapt, then screw it.

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