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Football appreciation thread

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  1. 1. As strikers, Ronaldo, Messi, ZLATAN, or HESKEY

    • Cristiano Ronaldo - knuckleballs, pks, and diving
    • Lionel Messi - the short dude that runs circles around guys
    • ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC - the nose
    • Heskey or gtfo

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Hopefully it is the beginning of the end of Blatter. Lets hope some one will talk, and Blatter will be taken down as well.

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Blatter (autocorrects to blather, lol) might go, but the real prize here is Jack Warner. That man has been a poisonous little leech on the game's backside for far too long.

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FIFA = maffia


I hope those cowards from UEFA pull now back from FIFA all UEFA then has to do is say: we dont move CL season for the shitty WC in Qatar and we wont adjust or planning / schedule for the seasons around WC**, this way main european competitions wont change schedule either and the WC in Qatar is effective dead....


**: For americans: UEFA makes every year the calender for the CL and Eurocup, the season starts july and ends in end may / early june (CL final is this year june)


All national competitions have to commit it self to this UEFA schedule, to prevent games from beiing played at the same dates, making sure there is police and statidum available etc. if UEFA refuses to move CL schedule clubs can choose between either no CL or no WC, CL is big money, WC not (yeah for FIFA...)


THats also the reason WC wont be held in winter, it will mean all european competions and the CL have to be moved and not 1 season but 3, the season before needs to start earlier, because otherwise it wont fit, same the season after need to be moved back to prevent overlap....


ps: CL is biggest competiton of the world, i would be rly rly suprised if they move that for a crappy WC, especially given that many influential people dislike FIFA / Blatter....

Numbers for season 2013 / 2014 and 900 million euros of price money is also no peanuts.... (yes, 904.600.000,00 € price money...)


total revenue of all clubs combined would be like 16 billion euro every year, FIFA will never win the fight with UEFA / European clubs, atleast if those cowards are willing to show blatter who runs the show.... (next should be to kick out all those investors so it will be much harder to buy a good team, but beating down FIFA turds has more priority ^^ )




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Personally, I like all competitions in FIFA. The developers of this game should be proud of their work because I love it! Just recently there were updates and the new version is so cool that I can not tear myself away from it, my friends and I play FIFA all night without interrupting for sleep and Breakfast. I especially like that steam keys have become cheaper thanks to cdkeysforgames.com. I don't know how it happened, but I like this service, it is incredibly convenient. Which player do you most often play for?

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