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Patient's RU Med Challenge - Melol

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So I am going to do Patient0's RU Med Challenge. For this I will be playing the OBJ 140 primarily because I don't want to wait for the 62a to get fixed. What I expect to get is 4000 DPG with a 65% Wr (Solo)








I am going to be playing CaptainJunior22's account because it has a 140. Remember the crew skills and equipment choices may be changed at anytime. When recording stats I will be using wotnumbers and YasenKrasen ingame session stats since I will probably forget to start wotnumbers at some point. 


Replays: (Place holder)




Stats: (Place holder)


Original thread 


Wish me luck bois?

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So my gpu died. I played two battles with it shit condition and it was awful like 1500 average damage. I'll continue this challenge when I get a new gpu

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