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Kolni's actually a shitter - Patient0 RU-Med Challenge

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Yo, I'm going to try this out.

Here's the stats on the 140 I've chosen to play:




Crew/Loadout - I'm not going to try and squeeze every drop of DPG out so I'm going to run with the cheap and normal tank setup since I don't have Jack of All Trades yet:



This is more of a personal challenge rather an a competition to E-peen with the big bois, because I'm just not good enough to get that kind of consistency yet.


I also play on a Macbook Pro, which means I'm going to crash and miss out on a game or two per every 20, at the same time with probably the most unstable internet in Sweden. 

I'll probably be plowing through this today since I'm free from school as well. 


Goals I've set is a 3500 DPG/64%WR and 1200 XP/G, whether I reach those or not, I'm going to try at least. 

I don't have anything compatible to track performances (Mac -_-), so I'll just upload the screenshots and ask someone to do the math for me (Kolni's an art shitter who didn't bother with math)

Along with replaypacks and if I get some of those killer games I'll sort those out as well. Let's hope I don't fail ;_;



I have redid this because 62A fucked me over like a piece of garbage, and I've started to notice the bug. And except for the first 6 games I'll just run prints of Yasen's session stats because it's the only way I can track it without uploading every single replay and going through them all for averages

(Will upload all replays though in batches though)

First session:








Games: 6

DPG: 4226

WR: 83,3%



This session went probably as ideal as it can for me, let's hope I can keep it up, next sessions will be with session stats instead. 


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Good luck, i will probably join aswell just to beat you. :^)

You probably will, 5 games straight have been superheavy stacked vs medium stacked teams now, them camping and me having to dig them out because my team ain't doing shit.  1/5 wins like literally what the fuck


This is going to be undoable if this keeps up ;_;


Oh well, still gonna follow through with this 

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Isnt now kinda awkward time to do t62a challenge with the turret armor bug? But ~godspeed~ and may RNG be in your favour.

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yup 1/10 2350 DPG WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS 


small maps with heavies vs meds

i need to learn how to brawl better.....

it's either getting focused by arty, getting tracked by teammates to die or heavies vs meds on small maps (ensk and mines three times each)

let's see if I can still salvage it though

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You are terribad.


Also invite me so I can steal all your damage. On nom nom nom kolni tears.

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I didn't read anything about solo, but I guess it'll have to be since WR is included.

Anyway: not gonna reach it unless I step up my game, had 10 games of incredible shit, then it started to go better




So I played bad, WR went down and DPG the same, however it was down at 2600 so I think I managed to salvage it ok. 


18 games in, thought I was gonna make 20 before my class but nope, too many ragesmokes xD


I guess the DPG atm is around 2700, which is complete shit, gonna ask someone to do the math for me once I'm done

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I'm gonna install YasenKrasens and rerun this shit, because I already forgot and platooned >< At least now I can keep track and still use it in platoons from time to time.


I'm at exactly 500 games now so it should be easy to keep track of. Will edit post tomorrow (might do 140 actually, just had a 4,4k dmg session anyway that I'd might start of with :serb:)

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Did you just RQ the challenge?


ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao, rip 



Nope, will still upload all the replays and only play the 140 solo, it's going better than I thought (3450 DPG atm or something like that) but it's hard to track it, I'll just blob upload every replay and do the math once I hit 100 games

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