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2 really dumb mod questions

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first of all, how do I remove my xvm config form the game (I have circons but I dont want xvm stat or dmg counter)

& second, is there a way to get the standalone xvm minimap mod?

Im looking to run the game essentially vanilla with just the minimap and jimbos crosshair mod (so the server rec. stops trolling me)


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Have you tried the augmented vanilla mini map? Switched to that from the XVM one when it was introduced and never missed anything (you get a feeling for the spotting circles Circon uses after that many games with them).
That way you would only need Jimbo's.

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Locastan's HD Minimap mod is really nice and I would definitely use it if you are not using XVM.

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thanks for telling me about locastans, its really good

& full mod list ended up being a bit longer

-9.7 arcade zoom (allows further zoom out)

-Jimbos crosshair mod

-locastans minimap

-servercross2 (the second reticule for the server) 

-mulilined tank carousel v2.0 3 rowed becuase sorting through tanks is a pain

so much for a minimal mod count but it doesent clutter my screen and there is no xvm or dmg counter so Im pretty happy overall

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