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Zaps basic modpack for 9.7

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-EDIT: shell count is broken, specifically becoming an issue when using an autoloader your magazine count is not displayed

http://worldof-tanks.com/j1mb0-s-crosshair-mod-2/I downloaded it from there, anyone know how to fix it?

Relatively non cluttered modpack for 9.7


-9.7 arcade zoom (allows further zoom out)

-Jimbos crosshair mod

-locastans minimap

-servercross2 (the second reticule for the server) 

-mulilined tank carousel v2.0 3 rowed

-no xvm though if you have stats enabled I belive they show in the load in screen becuase of something to do with the carousel mod





garage haz info



garage normally



3rd person


zoomed in


thanks to RNG_ for helping test and set up the modpack

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The server cross is half see through with a few varying shades of blue in it. Probably doesn't help that I run the game on min settings though

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No credit for testing </3

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