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  1. 1. Which is best?

    • CDC
    • T-54P
    • Who the fuck cares -- no limited MM = no buy.

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TBH I can't see how WG will be able to sell prems.  CDC is pretty much the crown jewel of awesomeness that we've wanted for years...yet its still inferior to the boring FCM due to no limited.  And with the ubiquity of the IS-6 and the fact that its extremely unlikely any future premiums can outperform the IS-6/CDC...


In unrelated news, WOT's market share in the tanking MMO genre dropped below 50% today (~45% WT, 5% AW).


You just answered your own question: WG is able to sell premium tanks, because they are all pretty good... but there is just that something lacking in every one of them. So people buy the next one, since maybe it will be perfect. They never are.


Well except Cromwell B and Rudy maybe...

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One question, it might seem dump, but are you running premium account?


EDIT browsed through answers, found what I was looking for. 

So, 43K average with premium, how would that calculate for a standard account?

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Since everyone wanted a higher res picture of the T-54P, I cranked up my computer:



such posts make me scare... only on my S.Pershing i have 4perks on my crew...

anyway back on topic:

1st fact my wn8 is bellow 1k : http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/loulaki.

2nd fact i got the berlin trio and with the extra gold i got the CDC on the anniversary sales.

3rd fact i use it for my Bat Chat crew (for loader i use a spare guy with 3 perks i had in my barracks..) and plan to train also the crew from the next in plans tierX AMX 30B. i have only 33 battles (so many tanks to play these days :P) so here is my progress: http://www.vbaddict.net/charts/30days/loulaki-eu-0c3832af5a91469fa87d8aed9761a214/france-4/amx_chasseur_de_chars-248 .

4th fact i don't own T 54prot (i got Rudy instead ... ) .

5th fact i have the "common equipment" (tool/binocular/camo) waiting for sales on equipment.. xD

so based on the above i can tell that this CDC is a fun tank but it's scary when i play it! everyone pens me and arties even crusader SP can rape me, one shot can rip over my half hp.. in other tanks from this arty i recieve 100-200 dmg but the CDC when is getting hit it might blow up like a firework... Also it's shots make a weird curve, they are not str8 and the norm is to get out of the small circle (i use Jimbo's aim with 2 circles..).

At tierX games i feel safer than when i am toptier, cause there my role is clearer "assist the big guys and spot" in which roles is excellent. But as toptier where i have to push it's hard for me cause of my paper armor.. i bet T 54prot is the opposite, safer on toptier and harder on tierX..

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Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.


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T54p all the way, CDC is fast, but paper thin and annoying as f*** with it's ammo rack, almost every hit you'll get ammo racked even when you'll get only detracked... :/

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By no means is the CDC garbage. If you're having persistent problems getting ammo racked and tracked in the thing, you're too close to the fight. The CDC is not meant to be on the front line unless it's an emergency. It's a support sniper that can relocate extremely quickly. It can jump in to the fight if necessary, but that's a move that needs to be reserved for emergencies and hasty flank-breaking.


I still think the T-54P is the better tank, but the CDC is still a really good machine that can make money hand over fist with its terrific AP penetration. The tanks are close enough that I'd actually recommend purchasing the CDC first since it's good and makes money, with the T-54P being just a fun tier 8 that doesn't require a dedicated crew.

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