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World of Tanks refugees club

First club game night?  

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If a lot of you people quit, why would you be on a forum that is about a game that you quit? that really makes no fucking sense in my small baddie brain

Norm didn't go to Cheers to just drink...

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I'm lvl 50 with the Mg-34, and my level ranking on Machine Gunner is bugged, something like 8000/4000 or some shite. I just wanna waste a 25 round belt in 1.5seconds of uncontrolled fire goddammit!


Also, your lucky, when game went live the massive whinging about the 42b was irritating. I think it may have been "nerfed" but don't quote me on that.

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hi my name is westy and im a recovering WOT addict


i think WOT tanks is pretty much done for me, coming over the worst session ive ever had with sub 48%s doing less than 500 dmg in key tanks every single game plus my own shit performance has signalled the end of wot for me.


anyway with the witcher out and lord of war purchased for AW hopefully ill never feel the urge for WOT again


also need hugs please. changing games is srsly emotional yo.

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